Up, Up, and Away

Have fun defying gravity–for a moment

What goes up must come _______ (down), right? According to science, the answer is “yes”. Plan a family adventure focused on “UP”. As an opening discussion, consider all the things that go up.

  • You try to keep a hula-hoop UP.
  • When you hit a baseball you want it to go UP (and far)!
  • Paper airplanes only fly if they stay UP.
  • A kite is only fulfilling its mission if it stays UP.
  • Chasing bubbles is only fun if they float UP.
  • You throw a Frisbee and hope it stays UP.

UP activities can provide hours of family fun, but gravity is our enemy. It’s NOT fun riding a bike if it goes DOWN, right? However, gravity’s goal is to pull you down to the ground. To introduce your “UP” adventure, have your kids jump as high as they can. Measure their hand on a doorway, for example, to mark the height. Then, ask them to jump one last time and to stay up so you can mark it accurately. Why doesn’t it work? Gravity is steadily working against you to pull you down.

“–anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Invite the kids to help you plan a family UP adventure day. Suggest a paper airplane contest, a Frisbee circle, or a jump rope activity. There are many activities to help you with this faith talk discussion. As a Christian, we have a new righteous nature that has been set free from sin. We can soar! Although our sinful nature is gone, we continue to be tempted to sin–to be pulled down. What can we do as Christians to stay UP?

  • Choose friends wisely.
  • Be involved in our church for instruction and accountability.
  • Read God’s love letter to us (the Bible).
  • Learn about God’s truths as a family and encourage each other to obey.
  • Pray and ask God to help us make wise choices.

Enjoy laughter and fun during your UP adventure. Continue to pray and look for spiritual applications as you play. You may choose to watch Disney’s movie, UP. (Consider the plot and reviews to determine if this film is appropriate for your family.) Discuss the various relationships (primarily between Carl, Ellie, Russell, and Muntz) and the effect their relationship has on each other. Where do you see positive qualities of friendship? How are negative qualities revealed? Share the impact childhood and young adult friendships have had on you. Discuss the importance of making wise friendship choices. Post pictures of your family staying UP using #OutdoorFamilyAdventure. Jump high!