About the Next Gen Ministry

The Next Generation Ministry is four separate ministries in one and focuses on the crucial age groups of 4th and 5th grades, Middle School, High School, and College as they transition to the next level in their lives and relationships with Christ. The Next Gen team envisions building a foundation that will keep 4th and 5th graders and students plugged into church, growing in their relationships with Him, and making a Kingdom impact by serving outside our church walls during these pivotal years.

4th+5th Grade:

Wednesday night programming is back for our students on August 31! Register your 4th or 5th grade student for classes today!

Next Gen:

At this year’s Awesome August, the 4th+5th Grade, Middle School, and High School Ministries will each have their own special nights of worship, games, and guest speakers.

6th-12th Grade:

Register for the Next Step for Students class! This class is designed specifically to help students understand our church and their role in helping out us accomplish our church mission!


Check out this new blog for insights from other ladies! This is a great resource to grow in your walk with Christ.

Parent Newsletters

The Next Gen Ministry provides you with a monthly update on upcoming events for you and your students,
as well as resources to help you with your parenting.