Fight for Your Family

A discipleship journey equipping parents to engage their children in Biblical truth.

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The Coming King

An Advent Celebration from Fight for Your Family
Weekly devotions through the week of December 21.

Gather your family to celebrate hope, peace, love, and joy through the birth of Jesus! Whether you previously joined us on the 10-week Fight for Your Family discipleship journey or not, this Christmas season is the perfect time to share biblical truth with the next generation.

Advent Battle Plans →

Fight for Your Family Parent Rally web graphic

KidVue Advent

Special Christmas Episodes
Thursdays, December 3–24 | 10:00 a.m. 

Count down to Christmas with Avery, Elvis, and all their other KidVue friends! We’ll celebrate the hope, peace, love, and joy found in our Savior, Jesus Christ, and learn how we can tell others about Him this Christmas season.

Fight for Your Family Parent Rally web graphic

Taming Technology

Using technology in a God-honoring way

Technology has found its way into every facet of our lives, and our children’s lives. As many families have already discovered, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Bellevue wants to help you tame your family’s technology and also deepen your family relationships. Use these following resources to create accountability in your home and use technology in a God-honoring way.


Family Contract

Accountability Card

It’s not too late to Fight for Your Family

You can still download season 1 weekly Battle Plans for each age group.

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Questions and Answers

  • Kids spend so much time online that a new term, “screen discipleship,” has evolved.
  • Parents, not screens, should be the primary disciple makers in their kids’ lives (Deuteronomy 6).
  • Satan is out to devour by confusing truth and exposing children to immorality and cyberbullying (1 Peter 5:8).
  • Discipleship is needed for children to continue to follow Jesus into their adult years.
    • A LifeWay study found that kids reading God’s Word produce the most fruit.
    • 2,000 Protestant parents ranked the spiritual condition of their young adult children and shared insight about their childhood. Click here to view their feedback regarding things that made a difference. (This resource was provided by LifeWay.)
  •  Each Worship weekend, within our Family Worship Services, families will hear one of the 10 foundational biblical truths included in Fight For Your Family.
  • Your family is invited to join us for “KidVue,” which our Children’s Ministry is preparing to launch. KidVue is a Wednesday evening premier video, viewable at This is another resource that will highlight the same weekly biblical truth your child will hear during the Family Worship Service.
  • Another teaching resource in our arsenal is within our Adult Ministry Life Groups. Each of our Adult Life Groups will be highlighting one of the 10 biblical truths during their weekly group sessions. So parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will all be empowered with the same weekly content that your children are receiving.
  • By registering for Fight For Your Family, you will receive a weekly email to guide you in teaching one biblical truth per week over a family meal.
how can parents prepare for this 10-week journey?
  • First, please register to join us on this journey. Registration ensures that you receive access to each available resource.
  • Begin praying now that the heart(s) of your child(ren) will be open to the truth of God’s Word (Proverbs 30:5).
  • Schedule one night a week for a family meal between September 14 and November 16.
  • Parents, attend/view Family Worship at Bellevue and Connect in a Life Group.
how can grandparents join the fight?

Grandparents can play two key roles in the spiritual formation of the next generation.

First, do everything possible to help your adult sons or daughters effectively disciple your grandkids. During the 10-weeks of “Fight for Your Family” they will be discussing the “Battle Plan” (biblical content) over a weekly family meal.  

  • Commit to pray for their discipleship efforts. 
  • Remind them of how proud you are of their efforts as parents. 
  • Download/view each week’s “Battle Plan” for awareness of what is being taught. 
  • Offer help on family meal days such as pick up kids from school or cook the meal. 
  • Give them a couple of restaurant gift cards for their busier family meal nights. 
  • Contact them throughout the 10-weeks to ask what they are learning as parents. Be sensitive as to how much interaction your adult son or daughter desires. 
  • Encourage and reward their efforts by offering to keep the kids so they can enjoy a night/weekend off.

Second, engage your grandchild(ren) during the 10-weeks of “Fight for Your Family”.

  • Pray the heart(s) of your grandchild(ren) will be open to the truth of God’s Word (Proverbs 30:5). 
  • Given permission from the parents, contact your grandchild(ren) in-person or digitally throughout the 10-weeks asking them what they are learning. 
  • If grandchild(ren) live close by, or with you, consider completing the “Live it Out” section with them. 
  • Take them out for ice cream and share your testimony. 
  • Show them your Bible and tell them how you spend time with the Lord. 
  • Encourage your grandchild(ren) all along the rewarding their steps toward the Lord. 
  • Create a celebration grandparent event to take place when they complete the 10-weeks. 

Although you may or may not be engaged in a vocation business, your “family business” as grandparents is to encourage and support the faith of the next generation. For additional ideas or to be in community with other grandparents, contact Bellevue’s Senior Adult Pastor, Sam McElroy at 901-347-5460. 

what ages does this "battle plan" cover?
  • Infancy through high school
When does the “fight” begin?
  • This Fight For Your Family journey is September 12–November 16.
  • Saturday–Sunday, September 12–13, kids and parents receive week one of teaching and resources.
  • Monday, September 14, parents begin week one of this discipleship journey over a family meal.
What if I miss a week?

No worries.  The weekly resources of a video and battle plan will be featured here on and they will be accessible during the entire 10-week journey and for several weeks after. Simply pick back up where you left off and start your family’s journey again.

How can I support this in prayer?

Thank you! We would welcome you joining us in praying for this Fight for your Family journey.  Take a look at our Fight for your Family Prayer Guide.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Contact us

We are happy to answer your questions and provide assistance. If you’d like to speak with someone over the phone, please call (901) 347-2000. You can also fill out our contact form using the link below.