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This is Bellevue’s Vision Frame. Our Vision Frame will help you understand who we are and why we do what we do. Scroll through this page to learn more about each item on our Vision Frame.

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Bellevue: a Unique Place with Unique Values

From its beginning in 1903, Bellevue has had a long history of ministering to Memphis and the Mid-South,
and even around the world.

It’s built-in; it’s our distinct “DNA.” It’s the things we value and experience daily, and it’s been in us for over 110 years.


Memphis: Our Unique City

Memphis and the Mid-South…. We know the challenges….But we also know the opportunities!

We believe Bellevue doesn’t just happen to be in Memphis. God placed us in our unique city for a reason.

Every successful journey starts with a plan and an intended destination.
That’s why “Where is God taking us?” is a question we need to be able to answer.

Bellevue and Memphis are at a crossroad unlike any other time in history.
What’s our next step?

We are on a journey to discover and apply the vision God has given us.
It’s the intersection where our unique gifts and resources meet the unique
challenges and opportunities of Memphis and the Mid-South.


What we are doing.

Our mission is to Love God, Love People, Share Jesus and Make Disciples

The first part of the Bellevue Vision Frame is the mission. The mission is the guiding compass of the church. It gives us direction and points everyone in that direction.

Our mission statement may sound simple, but to us, it guides everything we do and flows from the mission of Jesus himself as he described in the Great Commandment in Matthew 22:37-39 and the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.


Why are we doing it?

Our Values make up the second part of our Vision Frame as they are the motivational flame of the church.

They are the shared convictions that guide actions.


Intimacy with Jesus
Pursuing a passionate relationship with Jesus above all.

Biblical Truth
Treasuring God’s perfect Word as our standard for life and faith.

Intentional Hospitality
Welcoming every person with the love of Jesus.

Ministry Excellence
Reflecting the character of God in service to others.

City Renewal
Investing in the redemption of the people of our community.


When are we successful?

Love God

I worship God intimately

I take in Scripture regularly

I pray fervently like it matters

I obey God instantly

Love People

My family relationships are growing

I am involved in a Life Group

I give compassionate care to others at Bellevue

I serve selflessly outside of Bellevue

Share Jesus

I am prepared to share the Gospel

I am proactively developing relationships with lost people

I engage in local witnessing opportunities

I am taking the Gospel to the nations

Make Disciples

I am personally accountable to other Christians

I am involved in equipping environments

I am multiplying disciple makers

I give biblically


How are we doing it? 

The fourth area of our Vision Frame is Strategy. It is like a flashlight that helps everyone clearly see next steps to getting involved.

Our strategy consists of six proven pathways to accomplishing our mission at Bellevue.

Our desire is that each person worships, connects, serves in, is equipped, serves out and is a part of spiritual awakening.

strategy_worship     strategy_connect     strategy_servein

strategy_equip      strategy_serveout        strategy_awake


Where is God taking us?

We believe God is calling us to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond.

The vision frame is only a tool to help us all work together toward our goal of accomplishing this vision.

The Gospel of Jesus—the Good News that He brought—is that God has made the way for us to move from darkness to light. It is an awakening that can start today.

Once we step into this awakening personally, we’re compelled to share the effects of God’s kingdom in our communities, our city, and the nations.