10 Ways to Make the Most of your Time as a MA

1. Spend TIME with the LORD daily! Don’t let this be what falls behind in the busy-ness of life

1 Timothy 6:6guard what has been entrusted to you.

2. Keep the MISSION in mind!

Keep in mind what the church, and in turn you, are about while here. Stay on the pursuits to which God has called us.


No one has arrived. No one has it all figured out. Ask clarifying questions in order to understand and follow through correctly. Feel the freedom to ask and understand.

4. Stay Realistically POSITIVE!

If you keep the mission in mind and the about the journey you’re on, you should be able to remain positive about what God has called you to do. Ask yourself the question, ‘what’s true about this situation?’

5. Be a SELF MOTIVATED person!

The team functions better when you are a self-motivated person. Be the person that knows what needs to be done, listens, takes it in, and goes on to do what needs to be done. Supervisors have much more on their plate, so take initiative.


How hard are you working? Make sure you have the characteristic of working hard. Stay focused on the task at hand.

7. Use your MANNERS! 

Make sure you reflect the character of Christ. Say, ‘thank you.’ Be grateful. Point out and encourage others when they do well. Remember that people are your ministry. Your contact with the ‘lowest’ should reflect your highest attention and service.


Trouble awaits if you do not. Best question, ‘what is the wise thing to do?’ It is better to ask permission than forgiveness. Social media–when in doubt, do not post, email, or tweet. You represent your ministry and the church.

9. BLEED team!

Have each other’s backs. Support those in other departments. Support your supervisor. Do not talk negatively about your team to others.

10. Take CARE of YOURSELF!

How do you take care of yourself, your soul? Prioritize things in your life that lead to restore your soul. May be exercise, time with family, hobbies. Do not burn out or overload yourself.

MA Questions:

  • What causes you to get off track when fulfilling your ministry role?
  • How do you balance doing the needed things that come easily with asking for more things that will challenge and sharpen you?

Supervisor Questions:

  • What do you see as your role when it comes to helping your MA make the most of his or her time here at Bellevue?
  • Discuss the struggle of doing ministry versus equipping and training up others for ministry.