4th+5th Grade Camp Recap

At 9:00 in the morning, most of us are gearing up for the day ahead: driving to work, sipping our morning coffee, or maybe just rolling out of bed. However, 9:00 in the morning at 4th+5th Grade Camp is a different scene. For these students, there is no gearing up because they are already rockin’ and rollin’. They sing good-morning songs with spirit. They dance like no one’s watching. They are kids being kids—but this week showed that these preteens are more than “just kids.”

During 4th+5th Grade Camp, laughter flows all around, from the pool to the zip line. Preteens soaked in all aspects of camp at The Grove while making life-changing decisions and realizations.

“We had a great week at 4th+5th Grade Camp!” said Christy McGregor, 4th+5th Grade Director. “Our preteens had a great time connecting with others, and we saw the Lord move in great ways as we learned about discovering the wonder, works, Word, and will of God. We saw 12 preteens put their faith in Jesus, and many others made the decision to start walking more closely with the Lord and live boldly for Him!”

For some 4th and 5th graders, this was their first camp experience, and there was a lot to learn and take in: making new friends, getting hyped up for rec games, and absorbing biblical truths. At 4th+5th Grade Camp, childlike faith meets true understanding. During the week, it was evident that pieces were falling into place, and leader Kacie Wilbur saw that in action.

“This age group is so special because they are beginning to understand real truths and apply them to their lives,” she said. “I had one girl tell me, ‘Now, I see how God really does use sad or bad situations and work them out for His good.’”

As preteens listened and learned with each message, devotional, and group time, light-bulb moments happened. The kids began to fully realize who God is and what His character is like. Leader Adam Scott explained why these are such significant moments for campers.

“They’ve heard the Gospel. They’ve learned about Jesus. They know the ‘book answers.’ What’s so pivotal about what we learned was it was actually discovered who God is on a real level. Making that connection—this isn’t just like a storybook, or a character from this book, or just this energy that we believe in. It’s really an actual person, God.”

For one of the 5th grade boys Adam led, that message hit home. On the last night, he stayed back at the end of the night to talk to Adam.

“I want to be better and live a better life,” the boy told Adam. “And with the decisions I make with the way that I live my life, I know that Jesus is the answer.”

What a realization to have, that Jesus is the answer—to everything. And He is always near and available. The campers may be young, but they made connections and discoveries that will remain relevant throughout every age and stage of their lives.