Beginning a Good Work

Different isn’t always a bad thing.

Since March, we have constantly heard the phrase, “it’s going to be different than previous years.” But, just because our events and gatherings look different than what we’re used to doesn’t mean they will automatically not be as enjoyable. Actually, in some cases, the difference and newness can make the events even more impactful!

That was the case for CampOutrageous Online. In previous summers, our church has been flooded with thousands of children for one week of CampOutrageous, Bellevue’s version of VBS. And, although we miss the excitement and joy that surrounds gathering with the children and families of our church and community for this beloved event, this year led us to minister to children and their families in a new way.

During the week of July 2730, we provided three unique virtual worship experiences (Preschool, Children, Preteen), so every child could learn and enjoy CampOutrageous according to their age level. Each experience included music, crafts, biblical teaching, drama, and games to do at home. In some cases, families even partnered together to host the event at one house, so the children could still interact with their peers.

During this week-long event, not only did our children learn that Jesus is our strong foundation, but our parents learned more about the importance of having Gospel conversations with their children, as well. Our Bellevue parents have shared how CampOutrageous Online ministered to them and their children alike by providing creative, fun content for the kids and by opening up opportunities for the adults to have spiritual conversations at home.

“Of the five years we’ve been part of CampOutrageous, there are many things that made this year special,” said Sarah Gullion, Bellevue member and mother of four: Amber (age 12), Bella (10), Canaan (5), and Daniel (3). “We really enjoyed having the choice between three different age-level videos. Because of the wide range of ages in our family, we watched all three videos every day, and even the older kids got something from the younger videos that they would have missed out on otherwise.”

“CampOutrageous is a blessing to our family every year, and this year was no different.”

We are grateful for the opportunities this “different” type of CampOutrageous has provided. Over 1,000 families registered for CampOutrageous Online, and there have been more than 5,000 views since the resources went live. This new way of presenting CampOutrageous also helped us take the Gospel even farther by reaching people from 20 states, as well as three other countries–the Netherlands, Kenya, and Ecuador.

We believe God began a good work through CampOutrageous Online, and if we learned even one thing from our week together, it is that “He will carry it on to completion” (Philippians 1:6).

If you didn’t have the opportunity to utilize the CampOutrageous Online resources, it’s not too late. The content will remain available on through the end of October.