Bellevue Loves Memphis Communities

“As a dentist, I had always imagined that ‘one day’ I would be able to go on a mission trip to Africa or South America to provide much-needed healthcare in remote areas. The problem was that ‘one day’ was off in the distant future. When the opportunity to serve aboard the Christian Mobile Dental Clinic arose, I jumped at it. What a blessing from God this has been for me! I did not know the extent of the spiritual and physical need in the city of Memphis. I am so blessed that I am able and have the opportunity to use the skills God has given me to bring physical healing to people in need and most importantly that each of these people hear the Good News of Christ’s salvation.”

–Mitch Prater

Bellevue Loves Memphis Communities, such as the Christian Mobile Dental Clinic and nursing home ministry, are a way for Bellevue to continually invest in city renewal in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Once each quarter, Bellevue sends volunteers throughout the city to provide support in construction, clean-up, evangelism, and a variety of projects. Register for the next Workday at