Blessing Notes

Things you’ll need: Blank note cards, pens, pencils, etc.

Faith Talk: Words are influential. Positive words, encouraging words, and inspiring words imprint the heart of the hearer. Share times when you have been encouraged by someone’s words. Sadly, words can also be hurtful and damaging. “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). Words have power–power for life or death. This week, select a few people you want to encourage with a written word. Distribute the cards to your family members and challenge each person to write at least two notes of blessing this week. Once written, you can creatively deliver your note. Hide the note in their lunchbox, their shoe, or under their pillow. A teen may enjoy receiving a series of encouraging texts. Grandparents will enjoy a mailed note. Continue a pattern of writing and speaking the power of life to those you love. Use the ideas on the back of this card to bless those you love.

Writing A Blessing Note To–A Wife: Let her know how much you cherish her feminine traits including her nurturing spirit, her beauty, and the ways she gives of herself. Sample language– I wanted to let you know I appreciate the way you bring beauty into my life. Thank you for (insert something she did this past week.) You are lovely inside and out, and it is a joy and privilege to be married to you.

A Husband: Tell him you respect him and admire his masculine qualities including his hard work, his character, and the ways he gives of himself. Sample language– You are a good man who tries to do the right thing in every situation, and I want you to know how much I admire you. (Give a specific example from the past week.) I am proud to call you my husband.

A Child/Grandchild: Cheer them on as they move toward their God-given potential. Sample language–

  • Young child: You are a special young boy/girl, and I prayed for you today thanking God for the blessing you are to my life.
  • Teen: I believe God is going to use you in great ways in the future because I see so much potential in you now.

A Parent: Express gratitude for the sacrifices they made for you and “connect the dots” to what you are doing now as the return on their investment. Sample language– It has been ten years (twenty? thirty?) since I graduated from high school. I thought it was time to thank you for giving me such a strong foundation in life. I feel I am doing well at work (in marriage, with my kids, etc.) because of your example! I am thankful for you.