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Join us as we take a look deeper into what we, as a church family, learn on Sunday mornings and implement it into the daily walk of life.

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You Are What You Eat

So, don’t distance yourself from Revelation, or any book of the Bible for that matter, simply because its uncomfortable, bittersweet, or hard to read at times. Take in Scripture. Trust that God gave us these books for a reason. Absorb the truths. Let them change you.

The Battle All Around Us

The imagery and consequences of Revelation 9 make it one of the most jarring chapters in all of Scripture as the fifth and sixth trumpets of the apocalypse are blown. To get a glimpse of the terror this chapter contains, we’ll take a look at two passages of it.

Do I Pray in Vain?

It’s frustrating when something feels wasted. Especially in the highly productive, competitive culture of today, whenever your time, energy, or dreams appear to serve no purpose or produce no value, discouragement can quickly set in.

God of Salvation

We get a sneak peek into the future and into Heaven, and it’s more glorious and wonderful than anything we could ever dream of. Revelation 7 gives us something to anticipate that should shape the church’s structure, priorities, and daily functions.

A God In Control

At this point, Jesus has come forth as the Lamb of God who is worthy of praise and is able to break the seals of the seven scrolls. Now, as He opens each scroll, a different type of judgement is unleashed.

Don’t Skip Good Friday (Or This April)

If I’m honest, there’s a part of me that wants to skip Good Friday. Not in a theological sense but in an experiential sense. Commemorating Good Friday is painful. I hate picturing Jesus being whipped, mocked, and crucified. And when I go a step further and recognize that my sin is the reason He was nailed to a cross, it’s almost too much to bear.