CampOutrageous Recap

“It’s not just another campout. It’s CampOutrageous!” Thousands of children filled the Worship Center and joined in this collective shout. During CampOutrageous, the energy and excitement was tangible throughout our campus, and it began as soon as children and leaders streamed in to take on four days jam-packed with fun and diving into God’s Word.

From Monday to Thursday, the activities were nonstop. Children ran around in rec games, made crafts, sang and danced during the worship rally—all integral pieces of CampOutrageous but none the most important. The most important part of the week is what these activities are centered around: helping all children come to know and understand biblical truth.

According to Ken Hindman, Bellevue’s Pastor of Preschool and Children, “Pulling something off like CampOutrageous is no small feat.” The leaders and volunteers that teach and nurture the children are the ones who make it all happen, and their work is significant.

Aynsley Clark has volunteered at CampOutrageous for nine years, and she says that each year is just as meaningful as the last.

“The main purpose is for kids to learn about Jesus,” she said. “This is sometimes the only interaction they will have with that.”

This year, children learned about Jesus through the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. For 5th grader Riley Wilbur, that story revealed a fundamental truth.

“It lets me know that God is with me in every circumstance,” Riley said.

From time in the classroom to a spectacular musical presentation in the Worship Center, children of all ages were taught the Out of Egypt story. Some were even taught in a different language.

Native Spanish speakers Luis Espinal and Maria Martinez are husband and wife, and they led a class with children who primarily speak Spanish. Maria explained that most of the kids understand English, but some do not.

“We are here to explain and translate. That’s the purpose,” Luis said.

Luis and Maria’s goal was for the kids in their class to accept Jesus into their hearts and take the message home to their families. With that in mind, Luis and Maria believe it was essential for the children to hear the story in their own language.

“So they understand better what we’re talking about,” Maria added. “That’s one of the main things, to help them understand because the Word of God is beautiful.”

There is beauty in God’s Word, and there is power in how its truths can transform a child’s life. Bethany Jerkins is a long-time leader who has witnessed what CampOutrageous can do.

“This week can change their life forever,” she said. “What they learn and what they take away, they can hide those truths in their hearts, and they can share them with others.”

CampOutrageous may have been only four days long, but the kids who attended will carry the truths and lessons they learned with them for much longer.

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