February 17–19, 2023


What to expect 🤯


6:00 pm | Registration opens/meet groups
7:00 pm | Doors open
7:10 pm | Session 1
9:00 pm | Dismiss for parent pickup
9:00 am | Groups arrive with luggage
9:20 am | Doors open
9:30 am | Session 2
11:30 am | Lunch
12:15 pm | Breakout 1
1:15 pm | Breakout 2
2:00 pm | Snack break
2:30 pm | Session 3
4:30 pm | Dismiss to host homes
9:00 am | Breakfast
9:30 am | Session 4
10:45 am | Dismiss

*West Lobby Merch Table will be selling products one hour prior to and following each session, as well as during any breaks.
**Photo Booths in the West Lobby
No cell phones @ host homes 😭
No cell phones @ host homes 😭
No cell phones @ host homes 😭
No cell phones @ host homes 😭
No cell phones @ host homes 😭 No cell phones @ host homes 📱 No cell phones @ host homes 💀 No cell phones @ host homes ☎️

Guest Speaker

Brandon James

Brandon serves as Lead Pastor at Green Hill Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Prior to joining the staff at Green Hill, he and his wife, Nikki, served as missionaries in Sosua, Dominican Republic, for two years. During their time there, Brandon held the position of Lead Pastor of New Missions English-speaking Church. After serving in the Dominican Republic, he and Nikki moved back to the states, where he had the privilege of serving the families of First Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, for 14 years in the roles of Middle School Pastor, Director of Student Ministry, and Family Pastor.


Sean Emory

Sean Emory is a Christian illusionist who uses his talents to share the Gospel in a unique way. He studied alongside some of the greatest names in Las Vegas and caught the attention of many audiences there. Sean’s experience in Vegas grew his work ethic, discipline, and interest in illusion. Sean realized he could combine illusions with the one thing he was even more passionate about: sharing the Gospel with everyone he can. Now, he hosts his own outreach events and frequently works with his long-time mentor and friend, Brock Gill. Once you see Sean for yourself, you’ll know: Though he is skilled in the art of illusion, his heart is all about the Truth.

Worship Leader

Jeff Maxwell

Jeff Maxwell is our worship leader for Catalyst. He is passionate about leading students and will be joined by others who share the same passion for worship and student ministry!

Breakout sessions

How to Have a Quiet Time Every Day and Enjoy It

Studying the Bible is a discipline that doesn’t have to be hard or boring. If you have ever wanted to learn how to read the Bible in a fresh way and have fun while doing it, don’t go looking anywhere else; come to this breakout!

Led by: Donny and Kathryn Mayo


How Can I Speak Truth to My Friend Who's LGBTQ+?

What does the Bible say about gender identity? In this breakout, we will break down what Scripture says about some of the questions this generation is asking and help you know how to speak truth to those who believe differently.

Led by: Christy and Michael Pritchard


Is It Wrong to Struggle with Fear & Anxiety?

Fear and anxiety are not an uncommon struggle, and they seem to be becoming even more prevalent with factors such as social media, increased access to information, and much more. So, how do we combat fear and anxiety? In this breakout, you will learn to submit your thoughts to the will of Christ while receiving practical tips on how to let go of fear and anxiety in your everyday life.

Led by: Shelley Spence


Living Life on Mission

Whether you’re trying to share the Gospel with people at your school, getting ready to go to college, or planning to go on a mission trip sometime in your life, living on mission should be your goal. Come to this breakout to learn practical ways to introduce Jesus to people who are different from you.

Led by: Ross and Christy McGregor


How to Not Be Addicted to My Phone

Technology is not only something that’s ever-changing, but something that will, from now on, be a huge part of our world. Because of that, it’s so important to use it well. Come to this breakout to learn how to set up personal boundaries with your phone and create other helpful phone habits.

Led by: Daniel Harris


How to Handle Friendship Drama (Girls Only Panel)

The Bible teaches us that who we surround ourselves with is very important. But what do I do if my friend ghosts me? What if I’ve been hurt in the past by people who are Christians? Our panel of ladies will walk through what it looks like to navigate drama in friendships.

Led by: Leslie Hollowell, Hannah Harris, Mackenzi Geukgeuzian, and Brianna Kellum


Illusions + Sharing the Gospel

If you haven’t gotten enough of Sean Emory and his illusions, this is the breakout you want to go to. Sean will both entertain you and teach you how to use illusions as a tool to share the Gospel with others.

Led by: Sean Emory


How to Defend That the Bible is True

In a culture that says the Bible is just another book, how do we defend that it is the true Word of God? In this breakout, you’ll learn just how to do that with practical advice for any conversation and evidence to back up what you believe.

Led by: Rick Jones


Why Does Prayer Matter?

Have you ever wondered what time with the Lord looks like outside of the church building itself? This breakout will inform our understanding of real relationship with God, grow daily rhythms with Jesus, and help us understand how prayer is the bridge from knowing about God to knowing God.

Led by: Josh Oglesby



Get active and have some fun with this MOVE breakout. You’ll spend some quality time with our Recreation Team playing games and learning practical spiritual wisdom.

Led by: Recreation Team

GRACE Building (Gym)


If you need some time to let your creativity out, come to this breakout where you will spend some time working on an art project. You’ll learn biblical truth while making your own masterpiece to take home with you.

Led by: Morgan Harrington

Fellowship Hall 1

What Do I Do If I'm Called to Ministry?

If you have ever thought you might want to work in ministry—either as a volunteer or as a staff member—then this breakout is for you. Jason and Jamie will walk through what a calling in ministry can look like and practical next steps you can take as a student to honor the Lord in this calling.

Led by: Jason Pyron and Jamie Otto


Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information for your time at Catalyst

Friday night

Meet your group in the West Lobby between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. Doors open at 7:00 pm for Session 1, and pick-up is at 9:00 pm.

Life Group connection

Groups will sit together at every session. They will also spend Saturday night together at a host home.

Overnight stay

Groups will be spending the night in host homes on Saturday night ONLY. No groups will spend the night on Friday night. Cell phones will not be allowed in host homes.

Saturday morning

Meet your group in the West Lobby at 9:00 am with your luggage in-hand.

Saturday lunch

Chick-Fil-A lunch will be provided on campus. Please note on your registration if you have any allergies.

Cell phones

Cell phones will not be used in host homes. Students will plug their phones into a charging station upon arrival at their host home. Cell phones will be returned when students wake up on Sunday morning.

Saturday afternoon

Groups will be dismissed on Saturday at 4:00 pm for free time and dinner at their host home. Talk with your Life Group leader to find out your group’s plan and how much money to bring for dinner and activities.


Students will choose two breakouts at registration to attend on Saturday. Breakouts will last for 45 minutes. Every breakout will be recorded and available to listen to on the website after Catalyst!

Sunday morning

Students will set their luggage in the back of the Fellowship Hall to pick up at the end of Session 4. Breakfast will be provided at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall for all groups!

For more information, call (901) 347-5690.

There will be a Middle School Ministry parent meeting on Wednesday, February 15, in the Gym.