Celebrating New Life

Often, spiritual disciplines are thought of as formal practices that bring a believer closer to the Lord, emphasizing silence and solitude, Bible study, and prayer. While these disciplines are fundamental to a believers walk with Christ, the Church is also called to another type of discipline: celebration. Celebration has the power to push back darkness and bring forth light. Evil cannot reign where there is joy in the Lord. So, what can the church family at Bellevue be celebrating this week? This Sunday, Bellevue will be joined by several new brothers and sisters in Christ as they make a profession of faith through baptism. These new believers feel the call that the Lord placed on their hearts and are led to share their stories with their new church family. Lets celebrate them together!

Baptisms in the 9:00 worship service:
Elsie (10) has been active at Bellevue since she was very little, and she came to faith in Jesus in the fall of 2021. Following that decision, she attended Bellevues 4th+5th Grade Next Steps class, a program that comes along children and students to help them in their new walk with Christ. We rejoice with her in her decision to make her faith public through baptism.

Denzell (26) made a profession of faith on May 31 and immediately scheduled his baptism for the following Sunday. We praise God for his desire for immediate obedience!

Baptisms in the 11:00 AM worship service:

Elisa (11) made a profession of faith after Bellevues Easter service and says she has a new understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Elisa knows that Jesus had to die on the cross so that she could have a relationship with God, and she now gets to take His Word to heart and follow Him.” 

Over the last year, Victoria (12) began exploring her faith and became more involved in Bellevues student activities. While shy at first, Catalyst was a turning point in her walk with Christ, leading her to the decision to proclaim her faith publicly. Victoria will be joined by her brother Ian (9), a student of the Word, who desires to follow Christs example of baptism. Their parents are overjoyed as they have watched Victoria and Ian grow in their love for the Lord and as they go from, not only siblings, but to brother and sister in Christ.

Baptisms in the 5:00 PM worship service:

Contesa (37) joined Bellevues online community and then began attending worship services in person. Contesa felt as if her faith was being tested throughout the pandemics lockdowns, but she finally felt a breakthrough during the Easter service at Bellevue. She says, At the service, He was there. I felt His presence– and I told God, I am your child, lead me.’” Contesa is excited to be in New Believer Discipleship and to publicly recommit her life to Christ in front of her new church family.

Alongside those previously mentioned, Ludwig, Zara, Trey, and Tracy will celebrate their baptisms with their new church family on Sunday.

Through baptism, Bellevue celebrates an act of obedience symbolizing the believer’s faith in a crucified, buried and risen Savior. Learn more about why Bellevue celebrates baptisms by visiting https://www.bellevue.org/about/beliefs. If you are interested in making your own profession of faith, visit the Life Room after any worship service or text BAPTISM to 901901.