Choose Life!

Ten years ago, Chad and Kristi Hall went to the doctor, 12-month-old Carson in tow, for a routine ultrasound to find out whether the 17-week-old baby growing in Kristi’s womb was a boy or a girl. Two minutes into the ultrasound, the nurse stopped and said four words the Halls will never forget, “This is not good.” The doctor began going over the scenarios and told Chad and Kristi that the outlook was very grim due to a severely low level of amniotic fluid. The direction the doctor was suggesting became clear–to not continue with the pregnancy. “We told the doctor that abortion is just not going to be an option for us,” Chad said. “God has given us this baby, and God will be glorified through this. No matter what, He is good.” The Lord gave Kristi a verse she prayed throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and over the ten years that followed. “Ephesians 3:20 became my life verse,” Kristi said. “I just kept praying, ‘Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…'” Two weeks later, the fetal specialist could not believe what he was seeing. Kristi’s amniotic fluid had gone from a level one to a level 10. Chad and Kristi knew in that moment, despite their fears, that God was faithful, and His hand was on them. On February 28, 2004, about six weeks before his due date, Caleb was brought into the world. Ten years later, Caleb is thankful his parents chose to pray for him and speak for him. “I didn’t have a voice,” Caleb said. “I couldn’t say anything. But my mom and dad spoke for me and prayed for me. Since God let me live, I know He is going to do something great with me.” Chad and Kristi now have three children– Carson (12), Caleb (10), and Chase (7). Caleb has big plans of being a missionary… or a preacher. “Caleb is our ‘exceeding abundantly,'” Kristi said. “God has done more in him than we ever hoped or imagined.”