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It takes nothing more than a quick glance at social media or the news to see the urgent need for a movement of God in our culture. That’s why this April, through three churchwide events, Bellevue is seeking greater understanding of our world and how the Church should be a light in the dark. If the Church doesn’t influence culture, culture will influence the Church. More than ever, Christians must go deeper in their knowledge of God and be firmly planted in His Word.

Wednesdays in April

6:30 p.m. | Worship Center

Stan and Iva May

“Understanding the Biblical Story” | April 17

Chronological Bible Teaching (CBT) is led by Founder and Director Iva May and President Stan May. The Mays’ work has been an integral part of Bible literacy resources used to disciple people across the world. Nearly 20 years ago Iva took the seminary course Chronological Bible Storying. Through that class she came to understand that without a biblical meta-story, Christians will follow lesser stories promoted by the world. Therefore, CBT aspires to teach believers the overall story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. When Christians can understand that, they can better evangelize, disciple, and defend the faith.

Josh Straub

April 24

Josh leads Famous at Home, a company that equips leaders, organizations, military families, and churches in emotional intelligence and family wellness. As a marriage and family consultant, Josh coaches leaders to be famous at home so they can thrive on their stage. He speaks around the country and has authored or co-authored seven books, including Safe House. Josh and his wife, Christi, have co-authored two children’s books, and they co-host the weekly Famous at Home podcast. He loves spending time on the lake with Christi, their three kids, and their feisty goldendoodle, Copper.

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Dr. George Barna, researcher and author of over 50 books, shares a sobering look at the number of adults in the United States who live according to a biblical worldview and his insights on where we can do better with the next generation.

Check out his latest book, “Raising Spiritual Champions,” available in the Bellevue Bookstore and wherever books are sold.

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