Christian Mobile Dental Clinic

Since 2009, thousands of individuals have received free dental care through Bellevue’s partnership with Christian Mobile Dental Clinic.


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September 19–20 Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church
7288 E. Shelby Drive 38125
(901) 751-0333
September 21–22 Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
620 Park Rose Avenue 38109
(615) 710-7253
September 26–27 Hillview Village Apartments
(Closed location – Not open to the public)
September 28–29 Schoolfield Baptist Church
4438 New Brownsville Road 38135
(901) 372-0850
October 3–6 TBA
October 10–11 Asha’s Refuge
(Closed location – Not open to the public)
October 12–13 Hillview Village Apartments
(Closed location – Not open to the public)
October 17–20 TBA

Serve as a dental assistant

The Christian Mobile Dental Clinic is looking for volunteer dental assistants to help serve our Memphis community. These assistants are preferred to have dental experience, but a certification is not required. Call (901) 347-5532 or email Jennifer Teed to learn more.


We are blessed to offer dental services to under-served patients throughout Memphis. Each year, we average treating 2,000+ patients with over $1 Million dollars in FREE dental care.

Become a volunteer

In order for this ministry to bless so many patients, we rely on a dedicated group of specialized volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include driving our dental van, dental hygienists, and professional dentists.