Discipleship in the Church

Previously, we defined and explained what discipleship was, and as sinners, the importance of daily denying ourselves and following Christ. However, we are not meant to pursue Him on our own but alongside a community of believers pushing one another to be more like Christ. Bill Street describes the process of discipleship as bringing people to maturity, [which] is the work of the entire church. It is a growing process that should not end until a person takes their final breath. Disciple making is the work of an individual believer with other believers that should not cease until the world has been reached with the Gospel. When it comes to making disciples, there are four measures that ensure this mission is accomplished successfully. The four measures include personal accountability to other Christians, involvement in equipping environments, multiplying disciple makers, and giving biblically.

So, what does discipleship look like in the church?

For new believers, we encourage you to seek out mature believers who are further along in their walk. The same thing for any long-time believers that have never undergone discipleship. Titus 2:18 models this idea well as older men and women teach younger men and women in the way of the Lord. The size of a discipleship group should include about 3 to 4 individuals who meet weekly and have a systematic plan of reading through and memorizing Scripture. As you gather weekly, have times of accountability where you each share struggles and pray over one another (James 5:16). Depending on the Bible reading plan your group is going through, these groups can last a year or two. Lastly, remember that making disciples is a multiplication process. After all, we are disciples who make disciples. In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul who taught Timothy, challenges him to entrust what he has learned to faithful men who will then entrust what they learn to others. Discipleship is a continual process in the life of a believer. As you are being discipled, take the time to learn and ask questions so when the time comes you are able to entrust what you have learned with others.

About the Author

Hey ladies! My name is Dora Lwamba, I am a MA at Bellevue and I work primarily with high school seniors and college freshmen. I graduated from Williams Baptist College with a degree in Christian Ministry and a minor in History. Having experienced the faithfulness of the Lord and seeing the personal history He is continually establishing in my life, I desire the same to be true in the lives of girls! As they begin to read and apply the word of God I pray they continually desire after it. A couple of fun facts about me are: I was born in Nairobi, Kenya (despite what you think, the first time I saw a lion or elephant was at the Memphis Zoo 🙂 I speak my native language- Swahili, and I played two collegiate sports at the two colleges I attended. I love spontaneity when it comes to travel and all things coffee, ice cream, flamingos, and elephants!