Kids Worship On Wednesdays (K-WOW)


February 28, 2024


6:15 pm
  • Location: 2nd Floor of East Lobby
  • Led by: Cindy Kenney, Ashlea Smith

3, 2, 1—blast off! At K-WOW, kids learn about God in a fun and interactive way through music, Bible study, games, and more. This class is free and open to children ages Pre-K–3rd grade (Pre-K children must be age 4). Through this year’s theme, we will explore the wonder of our Great, Big God and how much He loves us. Kids are guided by faithful volunteers in small group activities and large group worship. Combining biblical truth with music creates an atmosphere of joy, boosts learning, and provides a unique launchpad for kids to grow in their faith. Register online to join us for a time devoted to fun, faith, and fitness!

K-WOW kids will sing preshow before the 4th+5th Grade Musical on Wednesday, May 1.

Register today to join our Flight Crew! (If you registered for K-WOW in the fall, there is no need to register again.)