Fight for Your Family

At one time or another, many parents have questioned, How do I raise a family amidst a sinful world? How do I teach my children to surrender to Jesus when our culture teaches us to live for our flesh? How do I teach them to share Jesus–even as young children and teenagers? Deuteronomy 6 teaches that parents should be the primary disciple-makers in their kids lives. This can be a daunting task!

Bellevue has assembled Fight for Your Family–an age-specific 10-week plan for you and your family to grow closer to the Lord and learn how to share Jesus within your sphere of influence. One family who has joined the fight shared this testimony:

This weeks material sparked some fruitful conversations in our home over the past several days. Each of our kids seemed to continue mulling over the ideas on how to initiate intentional Gospel conversations. My youngest child decided she would start some conversations by inviting her classmates to CampOutrageous. She was so excited when one of the boys signed up this week! My older children decided to invite their friends to The Mix (Bellevues Middle School ministry). Fight for Your Family has my kids thinking about the Bible lesson days after the initial discussion!

We are grateful for encouraging testimonies and for parents who will follow Deuteronomy 6, investing in their familys walk with the Lord. This weekend, we begin Week 5. Weeks 14 are available online, so it is not too late to join the Fight for Your Family! Go online for more information!