From Bellevue’s Own Backyard

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I could find better shows for my kids to watch–shows that are safe, true, and challenging? If so, Bellevue invites you into our own Backyard for KidVue, a weekly, online show that offers biblical truth on demand.

Each week, the show’s host, Avery, and her furry friends, will meet new friends, sing new songs, and learn all about God’s Word. Here’s an inside look at how it all came together.

A few years ago, God planted in the minds of a few people on Bellevue’s staff the idea to create kid-friendly Christian videos. But, with other annual events, such as CampOutrageous and Singing Christmas Tree, to prioritize, the calendar never seemed to allow time for this new dream, said Mark Alexander, Director of Design Services (and the voice of “Elvis,” one of KidVue’s puppet pals). Now, it’s almost like God said ‘Okay, you want to do a kids show? I’ll clear your calendar.’ And so He did.

The vision for KidVue is simple: to provide families with trustworthy, on-demand content that teaches children biblical truth about who God is and how to have a relationship with Him.

During the first season, each episode will focus on one of the 10 biblical concepts being taught in Bellevue’s Fight for Your Family emphasis. The 10 topics include foundational truths such as Creation, God, Jesus, and more.

Once we had the idea that the show could happen on Avery’s back porch, I made a 3D model of how the set could function, while Lisa Parker, part of Bellevue’s Music Ministry, started writing a script for the first episodes, Mark explained. Then, when we decided to use our scene shop right here on Bellevue’s campus to function as a make-shift sound stage for the first 10 episodes, we started building.

With eight volunteers assisting a team of Bellevue staff members, the set was constructed in less than two weeks! Looking at all the various steps of production, we can truly see the Body of Christ at work.

Everybody involved is working in the area God has gifted and called them to, Mark said. Our operations team built the set and helped bring this vision to life; Music is creating original music for each episode and intentionally writing each script to be friendly and uphold biblical truth; a variety of people across all ministries are being used by God as the characters of the show; and the Media team is filming and bringing it all together–it truly is amazing to see all God can accomplish when we are obedient to His call.

The first episode of KidVue launches Thursday, September 17, and new episodes will release every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. until the end of the season. Visit to learn more and watch the episodes on demand.