From Our Home to Yours

It’s been a difficult season as we’ve all been unable to spend time with our friends and family in person. For many of us, we haven’t had guests in our home or visited anyone else’s home in weeks or even months.

Bellevues Preschool and Childrens Ministry missed connecting with people in person, too, and that desire to reconnect led them to begin ministry through home visits.

Since we had not seen many of the families and children in our ministry in so long, we wanted to find a unique way to reach out to them,said Christian Sprout, Director of Childrens Ministry. The Lord laid it on Pastor Kens heart to take activities and a lesson to the front yard of the kids we normally see every Sunday.

Beginning Tuesday, June 9 through Wednesday, July 1, our Preschool and Children’s Ministry team visited 145 houses–approximately 16 per day–with the purpose of reconnecting and sharing the Gospel with these families!

Because we had not met with our Life Groups in months, we wanted the kids and their parents to feel connected to Bellevue again,Christian explained.

The home visits were a great way to show our families that we had not forgotten about them…

A typical home visit included games, Scripture memory, and a short Bible lesson. The visiting team also provided the families the materials needed for other activities and a snack.

Although the team concluded home visits on July 1 to plan CampOutrageous Online and other events, they hope to do more home visits and see the kids again soon! In view of Bellevue’s Mission, our Preschool and Childrens Ministry team has been a great example of what it means to Love People.

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