Online Giving FAQ

Online Giving Instructions

In order for you to setup online giving, your correct email address must be in our church database.
If necessary please call the Finance Office at (901) 347-5620 to verify your email address.


Please select the option that best describes you:

I Need a Bellevue Account

Click here to setup your account using the following instructions.

  1. Enter your first and last namesbirthdate, and email address.
  2. Click Find Profile to find your record in the church database.
  3. Click Submit.

If you would like to create a user account (to make it easier next time), be sure to click that box. Then click Complete Registration.

You will be sent an email with a link that is good only one time (for security purposes). Click that link to access the setup page.

I Already Have a Bellevue Account

Login to your account, then enter the following information.
Forgot your password? Click here for a new one!

  1. Enter the dollar amount beside each fund to which you want to give.
  2. Select the frequency (twice monthly, every month, etc.) of your gift.
  3. Select the date on which you want the payments to begin.
  4. Enter your bank routing number and your checking account number.
  5. Click Submit to complete the process.

Online Giving FAQ

Have questions about online giving at Bellevue?

How Can I Give to the Church?

By making an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using the secure E-give page to enter your information. It is perfectly safe, secure, and easier than writing a check. You can set up an automatic EFT on a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Can I Give With a Credit Card?

Bellevue strongly teaches that living “debt free” is a worthy goal for all Christians. We offer online giving only as a convenience and not as a way to circumvent sound Biblical money management principles or in any way to incur debt. Users of online giving are responsible for setting up and controlling their online giving options. They can designate where their giving goes (general fund, love offering, missions, etc.) and the frequency in which they give. Online giving is secure and tax deductible. Online giving allows you to set up your giving using an automatic bank draft to your account. Credit cards are not permitted.

Why Do We Give?

Proverbs 3:9, “Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops…”

Jesus taught that our money is an indicator of our hearts and Paul taught that if we are loved by God and love Him in return we would give cheerfully, sacrificially, and regularly.

The Bible teaches that God is the Owner of everything, including our money and possessions. When we give, we give back to God what He already owns. Our giving is an indication of trust, discipleship, and commitment. We believe that the minimum Biblical standard for giving is 10%, commonly called a “tithe.”

The church provides an annual worship teaching series led by Brother Steve designed to teach and encourage Biblical stewardship, and to lead one to commit to both tithing and giving beyond the tithe. The church also offers classes on Biblical money management. These classes provide in-depth study of what God’s Word teaches about money. They also help in teaching money management principles both scripturally and practically. Jesus Christ had more to say about money than almost any other subject in the Bible.

How Does My Giving Support the Church?

Bellevue Baptist Church prepares and adopts an annual budget. This budget is carefully prepared with detailed planning spanning many months. The budget is an operating tool that guides our church in ministry, missions, and operations. It is important that every member and attendee understand their God-given role in supporting the financial needs of the church through systematic giving (tithing) to the church. Giving envelopes are mailed to each church family monthly and provided in the Worship Center.

What is the Advantage of Online Giving?

It saves time! It saves work! It simplifies your life! You can avoid the hassle of writing and remembering checks! It can also help your consistency and faithfulness in giving.

When will my contribution be deducted from my account?

On the dates specified on your authorization form. You never have to worry about forgetting a contribution or mailing it in on time.

If I do not write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?

Since your contribution is made at a pre-established time, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date.

Without a canceled check, how can I document my contribution?

Your bank statement gives you an itemized list of electronic transfers. It is your proof of contribution. The church will also record your gift and send you a record of your contributions on a quarterly basis for your tax records.

Is Online Giving Risky?

Online Giving is less risky than handwritten checks. It cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed in the mail. It has an extremely high rate of accuracy and is easier for the church accounting office to process.

What if I Change My Bank Account?

You can update your profile and banking information for recurring giving at any time by clicking here.

How much does online giving cost?

It costs you nothing and saves you time. The fee to the church is nominal.

How is my Online Giving automatically deducted from my account?

Once you authorize the EFT transfer, your specified contribution is electronically transferred directly from your checking or savings account to the church’s account. Options include a one-time, weekly, or monthly transaction.

What if I try Online Giving and don't like it?

You can cancel your authorization by notifying us any time. But once you’ve enjoyed the convenience, time, and money savings of Online Giving, we doubt you will want to go back to making contributions the way you did before.