He’s Alive Again! Easter Morning

Holy Week – Easter Morning

Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter – the week Christians celebrate each year to remind us of God’s amazing Gift of Salvation through His Son, Jesus. Create daily conversations to celebrate Easter with your family.

Jesus is Alive! Faith Talk

Purchase Resurrection Eggs or create your own with empty plastic eggs numbered 1-12. Each egg should contain an item to prompt a retelling of a part of the Easter story. Use the following suggestions as a guide:

  • Egg #1 – A small leaf symbolic of a palm branch in Matthew 21:111
  • Egg #2 – A small cloth sprayed with perfume to symbolize the scene in John 12:28
  • Egg #3 – A piece of cereal to illustrate the Last supper in Matthew 26:1719
  • Egg #4 – Three dimes to symbolize Judas’ betrayal of Christ in Matthew 27:3
  • Egg #5 – Toothpicks glued in the shape of a cross to remind us of Jesus carrying His cross from John 19:17
  • Egg #6 – A small thorny branch or single thorn as a reminder of Jesus’ crown in John 19:2
  • Egg #7 – Small dice reflecting how soldiers gambled for Jesus’ clothes as explained in John 19:2324
  • Egg #8 – A tiny nail or straight pin to illustrate the nails used on the cross in John 19:18, 37 and 20:2529
  • Egg #9 – A small sponge to discuss Matthew 27:34
  • Egg #10 – Several whole cloves or other spice to reflect Jesus’ burial described in John 19:40
  • Egg #11 – A small rock to represent the stone that covered the tomb in John 20:1
  • Egg #12 – Leave this egg empty to show that the tomb was empty on Easter morning! John 20:67


Lord Jesus, thank you for the empty tomb! Thank you for that first Easter morning that we continue to celebrate every day. Help us, individually and as a family, to share this story of Good News with others. Amen.