His Story Goes On

In some ways, life can be compared to a line of dominos.

Unknown life events stand up side by side waiting for the one in the front to be knocked into motion. Then, that one domino continues a chain reaction of other life events.

This image of falling dominos can be compared to the stories of Wei Liu, Qian Dong, Miaomiao (Catelyn) Li, and others. Over the last three weeks, we have heard stories of Wei following the Lord’s prompting to share the Gospel with Qian, and then, Qian following the prompting to share the Gospel with Catelyn. The story of this chain reaction does not end there though. All of these women have been faithful to continue the chain reaction God placed in each of their lives.

In January, Jing Xie, stepped foot onto Bellevue’s campus for the first time. She had been introduced to the idea of Christianity and visited one other church three years prior. When she came to Bellevue, she only knew Wei, but over the next few months, the Lord led her into friendship with Qian and Catelyn, as well.

Becoming friends with them was an exciting experience for me, Jing explained. I finally found a community that accepts me regardless of my past and cares for me as I am. I feel safe around my friends because they have shown me love, kindness, honesty, and understanding.

As Christians, we hope and pray nonbelievers will see the character of God through us. Whether to friends or strangers, we are called to be Christs ambassadors and make His love known to those around us (2 Corinthians 5:20; John 13:35).

And through that display of Gods love, kindness, honesty, and understanding, Jing became interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Attending Life Group meetings was the beginning of my spiritual journey, Jing said. And becoming friends with Wei, Qian, and Catelyn and watching Catelyn be baptized showed me that I wanted to join them in loving God and loving other people.

In May, Jing began talking with Wei about becoming a Christian and expressed a clear desire to know Christ. So, when Catelyn was baptized on Sunday, June 14, Jing also shared her desire to know Jesus Christ! With Wei, Qian, and Catelyn standing with her, Jing prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord, and on June 26, almost two weeks later, she was baptized with her family and friends by her side!

As a Life Group Teacher, it is a joy to see folks come to faith in Jesus, said Mike Crouch. And it’s an even greater joy to then see those people engage their friends and lead them to Him!

His story goes on. As Wei, Qian, Catelyn, and Jing continue to share their faith with coworkers and friends, more and more continue to come to know the Lord. Just a few weeks ago, the women celebrated with their friend Zhen Wang who came to faith in Jesus!

May we all be inspired by these stories to follow the Lord whenever He is leading us. As you pray about the chain reaction God has planned for you, remember: completing the whole picture is not up to us; we just have to be faithful to set the next domino in motion.

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