Individual Start Plan

Assess your level of intentionality over the last 90 days.

How is your walk with the Lord?

  • Are you pursuing a passionate relationship with Jesus above all?
  • Do you take in Scripture regularly? Do you treasure God’s perfect Word as your standard for truth and life?
  • Do you pray fervently like it matters?
  • Do you obey God instantly? When you sin does it immediately bother you? Do you seek forgiveness?
  • Do you worship God intimately, both publicly and privately?
  • Do you look for opportunities to share the Gospel with others?
  • Are you multiplying disciple makers?
  • Are you involved in a mentor/disciple relationship?

How is your home life?

  • If you are single, are you walking in discipline, faith, and purity?
  • If you are married, do you prefer your spouse above yourself?
  • If you have children, are you intentionally passing on your Christian faith and values to your children?
  • Do you train your children in the way they should go?
  • If you have living parents, are you actively honoring them?
  • Are you pursuing a healthy relationship with your family members?
  • Are you a willing servant, choosing to serve rather than be served?

How are your work and school lives?

  • Do you submit to authority as unto the Lord?
  • Do you give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay?
  • Are you involved in any questionable behavior at work/school?
  • Are you proactively developing relationships with lost people?
  • Do you selflessly serve others outside our church?

How is your church life?

  • Do you attend weekly Worship Services?
  • Do you connect with others in a Life Group?
  • Are you personally accountable to other Christians?
  • Are you involved in equipping environments?
  • Do you give compassionate care to others at Bellevue?
  • Do you pray for and support the Pastor, staff, and lay leadership?
  • Are you a peacemaker?

How are your relationships?

  • Do you show intentional hospitality toward others?
  • Are you withholding forgiveness from someone, whether or not they have asked for forgiveness?
  • Are you harboring bitterness toward someone?
  • Do you have broken relationships that you need to mend?
  • Do you need to ask forgiveness from someone you have wronged?

How are your finances?

  • Are you a good steward of material things? Do you manage your finances, or do they manage you?
  • Do you save wisely? Do you spend wisely? Do you give biblically?

Individual Intentionality Summary: Based on your answers, circle the phrase that best describes your intentionality over the past 90 days.

Very Intentional  Not Bad  Hit and Miss

Mostly Miss  Totally Haphazard

Plan Ahead: regarding my walk with the Lord, over the next 90 days I plan to:

  • _________________________________________________

Regarding my home life, over the next 90 days I plan to:

  • _________________________________________________

Regarding my work/ school life, over the next 90 days I plan to:

  • _________________________________________________

Regarding my church life, over the next 90 days I plan to:

  • _________________________________________________

Regarding my relationships, over the next 90 days I plan to:

  • _________________________________________________

Regarding my finances, over the next 90 days I plan to:

  • ________________________________________________