Is Christianity Anti-Science?

I have heard from many atheists that religion, or more specifically Christianity, is anti-science or incompatible with science. Once you look at the weight of evidence studies provide, you actually discover that this statement is more philosophical than scientific. When the evidence is reviewed, we find that the biblical account of creation is supported by scientific laws, whereas the naturalistic view is not. So, lets get started.

Peter Atkins, an Oxford chemistry professor, stated, Science and religion cannot be reconciled. Whereas Francis Collins, a geneticist and lead researcher of the Human Genome Project, said the opposite is true: Science is not threatened by God; it is enhanced. God is most certainly not threatened by science; He made it all possible. These two, well-educated and respected scientists, present contradicting views on the compatibility of science and religion.

The Science against Religiondebate has only come about in the last few centuries. Prior to that, many of the early scientists were Christians or at least theistic in their beliefs. Francis Bacon (15611626) said, God provided us with two books–the book of nature and the Bible–and that to be properly educated, one should give one’s mind to studying both. Johannes Kepler (15711630) said, the chief aim of all investigations of the external world should be to discover the rational order and harmony which has been imposed on it by God and which he revealed to us in the language of mathematics.” 

The Bible Speaks of Science

It’s important to remember the Bible is not a book of science, but when it does speak on matters of science, it always speaks correctly.

  • The Bible supports a spherical shape of the earth (Isaiah 40:22).
  • The Bible supports the existence of mountains and canyons in the sea (2 Samuel 22:16).
  • The Bible supports that all living creatures produce after their kind (Genesis 1:21, 6:19).

Lets run through a quick primer on science.

  • Science assumes nature operates in a predictable manner.
  • Science is the process of repeatedly observing, measuring, and experimenting.

In order for science to take place, one must assume the universe operates in observable, measurable, and repeatable ways. Each of these points are what you would expect in a universe with design, and design demands a designer.

In Genesis 12, we read in the beginning God created– As we continue to read, we learn that God created all things with design and purpose. So, when we see design and purpose in the natural world, that is what one would expect from the supernatural God–the Designer of all things.

How did the universe and life begin?

There are only two options regarding the beginning of the universe: either supernatural creation by God or naturalism, which says the universe and life came about only through natural causes.

Supernatural creation, as Genesis 12 describes, tells us that God is an intelligent, powerful, and personal being who created everything with design and purpose.

Naturalists believe the universe basically brought itself into existence and that life arose from non-life and survived and increased in complexity through mutations and natural selection. They would say life comes from non-life through spontaneous generation, or what is called abiogenesis.

If you consider two scientific laws, you will see this explanation is not scientifically possible.

First, lets consider the Big Bang. This is a term naturalists use to describe the beginning of the universe. The belief is this: there was a time, billions and billions of years ago when there was nothing, then there was a big bang, and the universe we know today came into existence, but this belief never explains what caused the big bang or from where matter came.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect becomes the cause of something else. With this belief in mind, something had to be the cause of the beginning of the universe. Something cannot come into the existence out of nothing on its own. Genesis 1:1 answers the question of creation by telling us that God is the cause of the beginning of creation, thus keeping in line with the Law of Cause and Effect.

Science has never observed that random, chaotic processes are able to bring about an orderly universe nor that life can come from from non-life. So, now, let’s look at how life began. Naturalists say life came from non-life, abiogenesis. While this is an interesting idea, it is just that, an idea–a theory. It is not a scientific law. However, there is a law that explains how life begins, it is called the Law of Biogenesis. This law, in its simplest form, states that life only comes from life. You must have life before you can get life. Creator God is the life that created all other life. We see that in Genesis 12 as well.

Isaiah 42:5 says, “Thus says God the Lord, who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and its offspring, Who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who walk in it.”

Colossians 1:16 tells us, By Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things have been created through Him and for Him.” 

When evidence is reviewed, and we hear someone say, Christianity is anti-science, they reveal that they understand neither Christianity nor science.

God Almighty is the Creator of the universe; He is also the Creator of all life. Our God created all things and all people with design and purpose. When we grasp this truth, we can begin to live it out in our families and our world.