Jesus Loves Memphis

Jesus Loves Memphis is a Saturday that takes many months of preparation—contacting organizations, outlining schedules, and mapping out logistics. Leah Ginion and Jo Wafler are Ministerial Assistants with Bellevue Missions. They gave us a look into all things behind the scenes and how this one day can have lasting effects.

As project leaders, Leah and Jo learned what it takes to make every project run smoothly. And it’s less about “what” and more about “who”—Bellevue Missions runs on volunteers. Leah and Jo observed the ease and efficiency of work that occurs when a Life Group adopts a project and serves with camaraderie and unity. There is beauty in serving alongside fellow believers, and there is beauty in showing others the love of Christ.

That is what makes Jesus Loves Memphis such a special day. It’s also a day that’s unique from other workdays. During Jesus Loves Memphis, Bellevue teams up with local churches to serve Memphis and reach our neighbors with the Gospel.

And while the Body of Christ serves many people during Jesus Loves Memphis, our service should not stop there.

“There’s so much ministry and service that happens on that one day,” Leah said. “But our hope and our prayer in local missions is that you get plugged in with that ministry or those people beyond that one day because the Gospel moves through relationships.”

Regular involvement in a ministry may take rearranging schedules or breaking up routines. It may even feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Carson Everson is a volunteer who knows what that feels like. At this year’s Jesus Loves Memphis, she helped with Dexter Day. Faculty and students from Dexter Elementary visited Bellevue’s Gym for a day of fun and games.

Carson became part of Bellevue’s partnership with Dexter Elementary a year ago after she felt the Lord calling her to work with students. Looking back, she admitted that getting plugged into that ministry was a little intimidating at first.

“God never said that it would be easy. He never told us to stay in our comfort zones,” she said. “Getting out of our comfort zones, living for Him, being able to do that is important. Not only is it important, it brings so much joy. Even if it’s a little bit uncomfortable, it’s 1,000% worth it.”

All believers are called to be doers of the Word—to build relationships and take the Gospel to our community. But our motivation shouldn’t be to simply check it off our list or get our “serving the Lord” dose for the next couple of months.

“It’s really about the heart of God,” Jo added “The heart of God is for the sojourner, the widow, the orphan, and the lost. We pray people will serve out of the desire to know the Lord.”

Serving could be confined to just one workday every few months. But that isn’t what we’re called to or what the Lord intends. Serving should be regular, and there are ongoing opportunities that you can step into right here and now.

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