Keep Casting

Recently, I have been fishing at different ponds in the Memphis area. I prepare the gear, and I go. I cast my bait out about 100 times, and I go to at least three different ponds. Sometimes I go home without a single catch that day, and I can’t help but be discouraged having put in all that work and energy under the extreme heat. But I keep doing it because eventually, a fish will bite, my line will tighten, my rod will bend, and Ill catch one! Adrenaline rushes through my entire body. All my fishing efforts are worth it for that rare catch.

Our goal through guest services is to show the love of Christ through intentional hospitality. We hope to be used so that people will come to know Jesus; by seeing how we love and serve those who come to our campus here at Bellevue, we hope to inspire them to learn more about faith. We greet and serve hundreds of people every weekend, yet not everyone we greet will come to salvation at that moment. We are planting seeds. They are seeing the love of Christ, and one day, they will come to know Jesus Christ. That is far more exciting than hooking a fish and should create way more adrenaline. Fishing for fish is earthly; fishing for men and women to come to Jesus is eternal. So, lets put in the work, Lets be faithful with the small things and the short interactions, and I promise the Lord will be faithful to use that and us for His glory.