Learning from One Another

Managing Change in the Church

Who is someone you have seen lead through change well and what is one characteristic that stood out to you?

  • Seminary leader came in and made slow changes over time. Had a passion for the ministry, but did not push changes. Was patient and made helpful ministries over time.
  • Young adult pastor made changes slowly and worked with leaders to make changes. He encouraged leaders to make changes.

Pick one of the ministries at the table and do a SWOT analysis. Share.

  •  Recreation Ministry
    • Strengths: Intentionality, collaboration
    • Weaknesses: True development of leaders
    • Opportunities: Outreach
    • Threats: People thinking, “It’s just Rec.”

What are some reasons on why it is difficult to be patient or start small when leading through change?

  •  You can see the big picture and know where God is leading.
  • You can see some changes that will make the ministry healthy so it’s hard to wait and transition slowly.
  • Honeymoon phase of thinking. “I’m here to fix all the problems.”
  • Ego/pride can get in the way. “Let me do what you’ve hired me to do.”

How do you handle volunteers or leaders who do not want to change?

  • Let them see how the changes are actually benefiting the ministry. Give them the time to see. Let them be honest with you. They need to know they are heard. Sometimes after several conversations, if they just will not be on be on board, you will need to have the difficult conversations that this just may not be a good fit any longer. Be encouraging and respectful.