Leticia, Colombia

“Josh and I went on our first missions project together in the summer of 2012. Together we knew about a dozen words in Spanish, but we knew God had called us not only to short-term missions, but specifically to La Aljaba. The children at La Aljaba stole our hearts and none of us cared that we couldn’t communicate in each other’s language. We thought we’d visit many places with short-term missions over the years, but our hearts are in Colombia. By continuing to go back year after year, we’re showing La Aljaba and Leticia that we love them, we’re invested in them and their future, and that God sees them and loves them. We’re thankful God allows us to be a small part of that.”

—Josh and Emily Bobbitt



Pray for the children of
La Aljaba and for those caring for them on a daily basis.

Visit bellevue.org/missions-projects to see the full project description.

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