Lisa’s Story: Love Offering 2015

A few years ago, Lisa’s world was rocked when she heard her son Brandon had shot himself after a fight with his girlfriend. She hurried to the hospital, praying that what she heard was not true. When she arrived at the hospital, she learned that it was indeed true, and that he only had a very slim chance of living. Although Brandon survived, their life was never the same. Since that horrifying day, Lisa has never left Brandon’s side. Even when it’s tough, she stays with him to make sure that he is cared for. Because their family is homebound, they aren’t able to attend church. However, Lisa and Brandon get spiritually fed every Sunday morning by watching Bellevue services on TV. This year, we are Advancing Our Mission by reaching the next generation through a technological upgrade. Learn more about where God is taking us how you can be a part of what He is doing through Bellevue Baptist Church.