Love Offering 2022

For Life

This year's Love Offering will be given For Life! Life is a precious gift from God, and every life is valuable in the eyes of the Creator. As the Church we must extend hope for every child, hope for families, and hope for the vulnerable. Learn more about how you can serve and give as we stand For Life.


Abortions in Shelby County in 2019

(Source: Tennessee Department of Health)


Children in Foster Care in Shelby County in 2021

(Source: Porter Leath)


Homeless Persons in Shelby County in 2022.


Get involved


We ask everyone to join us as we pray for all children, families, and the vulnerable to find hope in Jesus Christ.


Join the 2022 Love Offering as we aim to financially support ministries and organizations who are standing for life each and every day.


If God is leading you to partner with us and go to those in need as we stand For Life, follow this link and fill out the interest form.

Ways to give

Give Online

Easy online giving allows for secure, flexible options.

Use the Bellevue App

Download Bellevue's app from the App Store on your Apple or Android device.

Cash or Check

If you prefer to give with a one-time cash or check gift, Love Offering envelopes are available at Bellevue at giving receptacles in each lobby.

There are many ways to give toward the 2022 Love Offering, including online donations, cash, checks, stocks, and more. Call (901) 347-5470 if you have more questions.

A Letter from the Pastor

Earlier this year, we found ourselves in a unique moment in history–a day we have prayed for since 1973. In our lifetime, we saw the decision of Roe v. Wade overturned. Then we watched as, literally overnight, many states declared abortion illegal. We have even seen abortion clinics close their doors. To God be the glory!

But there is still much work to be done.

Through this year's Love Offering, we want to show and tell the world that we are For Life–at every age and every stage. Genesis 1:27 tells us that every person is made in the image of God. Therefore, every person's life has value–from beginning to end. Our prayer is that the Church will be a beacon of hope for every child, for families, and for the vulnerable. That's what Jesus would have us do.

But we cannot do this simply through giving financially. It's up to us to represent Jesus to a lost and dying world. We must be the ones to come alongside the mother in a crisis pregnancy and show her a better way. We must reach out to families on the path of foster care and adoption and let them know they are not alone. And we must show compassion to the vulnerable who believe there is no way out of the their dire situation.

As we give and as we serve, may we point those around us to Jesus and a love that will never let them go.

Thank you for your giving and for your heart to serve others.

III John 2,

2022 Love Offering Committee

Jessica Pyburn (Chairperson)

Andrew & Leah Bryant

Julian Martin

Pablo Pereyra

Christy Pritchard

Pat & Cullen Beard

Danielle Hall

Riley Herndon

Ginny Tibbels


We'd love to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you’d like to speak with someone over the phone, tap (901) 347-2000 to call. You can also fill out our general contact form by clicking the button.