Love Offering 2023

For the Next Generation

Love Offering Sunday has passed, but you can still give!

Each November is our Love Offering, a tradition in which we give above our normal tithes and offerings toward a unique emphasis. This year’s Love Offering will be given For the Next Generation!

Over the past several years, more and more students have joined our 4th+5th Grade and Middle School Ministries. Therefore, this year’s Love Offering will be given toward expanding, renovating, and updating the existing 4th+5th Grade and Middle School ministry areas. We want to create spaces of growth, excitement, and belonging where every student can flourish. Begin praying now about how you can give, and join us for Love Offering Sunday on November 12!

A Letter from Pastor Steve Gaines

Dear Bellevue Family,

Donna and I recently welcomed two grandchildren into the world. Our hearts are filled with joy when we look at the faces our children’s children. But we are also filled with longing that each of them will come to know Jesus intimately and follow His ways. We know you feel the same way about the children in your lives. Our prayer is that our church will be a place that causes kids and students to say each week, “I want to go to church!”

I invite you to be part of the 2023 Love Offering as we invest in the next generation of our church, specifically our 4th–8th-grade students. Through this offering, we will expand, renovate, and update our ministry areas for 4th+5th Grade and Middle School. As these ministries grow, so does the need to create more space for them to meet.

As you read more about this year’s Love Offering, I pray you will join us in answering the command to “tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord” (Psalm 78:4).

Please pray about being part of Love Offering 2023: For the Next Generation.

3 John 2,

Bro. Steve

The Renovation Continues

In 2010, our church family invested in high school students through the Love Offering, which was used to expand, renovate, and update the High School Room. As demolition began, High School Ministry dubbed the efforts “The Renovation Begins.” Now it’s time to make the same investment for 4th+5th Grade and Middle School Ministries as the renovation continues…

Middle School Room Seating


Current Average Attendance


Average Life Group Attendance*


Salvations in 2023*


Baptisms in 2023*


Guests Who Attended in 2023*


*Combined numbers for Middle School and 4th+5th Grade

4th+5th Grade Ministry
A Place To Go

4th+5th Grade Ministry needs a dedicated ministry area. With Sunday activities taking place on the east side of the church and Wednesday night activities happening on the west side, we want to give our preteens a place to call their own.

Middle School Ministry
A Room To Grow

As Middle School Ministry continues to grow, their area needs upgraded technology and more space to host students. We want to expand and refresh the Middle School Room so we can more easily welcome and minister to students.

“Middle School Ministry has taught me so much. It’s been a time of a lot of spiritual growth. … I have learned a lot from Cory and Morgan and my Life Group Teachers. My biggest takeaway is learning to trust God and understanding that He has a plan for my life. … Attending Wednesday nights is one of the highlights of my week. We get to hang out and have a lot of fun, but we also worship and study God’s Word.”

Hallie, Middle School Student

How To Give

There are many ways to give toward the 2023 Love Offering, including pledges, online donations, cash, checks, stocks, and more.

Give Online

Easy online giving allows for secure, flexible options.

Use the Bellevue App

Download Bellevue’s app from the app store on your Apple or Android device.

Cash or Check

If you prefer to give with a one-time cash or check gift, Love Offering envelopes are available at the giving kiosks in each lobby.

Letter from Next Gen

Thank you for the ways you pour into our students. In the world we live in, it is more crucial than ever for us to come alongside students in the preteen and early teen years. They are going through more cognitive changes at this age than at almost any other stage of their growth, and it’s up to the church to walk with them and point them to Jesus as their source of truth.

We love our students, and we pray that through your investments, they will see that their church family not only cares for them but also believes in them. To God be the glory—He has done and will continue to do great things in Next Gen Ministry.

Jay Stephenson
Next Gen Pastor

Cory O’Hara
Middle School Pastor

A Word from our Committee Chairman

“Preteens and early teens need to know there is a place where they belong—for them to have a safe place where they can ask questions and we can point them to answers from God’s Word. … This age is the time for them to have the Gospel declared to them as clearly as possible and for them to be able to apply it to their lives in a way they can understand.”

Donny Mayo

2023 Love Offering Committee

Please join us in praying for these committee members as they prayerfully steward the Love Offering gifts.

Donny Mayo, Chair
Chuck Christensen
Shane Cross
Crystal Fabacher
Julie Foreman
Scott Griffin
Michelle Ragen
Jon Sanders
Ashleigh Thompson
Kacie Wilbur