Make Disciples

In short, discipleship changed the course of my life, Adrianne Domico said.

I was first discipled in 2015 by Summer Regel. We did life together. She welcomed me into her family, showed me how to read the Bible, and answered all of my questions. She taught me it was okay to struggle through the text, to not have every answer, and how to apply the Scriptures to my life,Adrianne explained.

Discipleship is the last thing Jesus teaches His disciples before ascending into Heaven. His final instruction shows us the importance of discipleship in our lives and the emphasis we should place on it even today, thousands of years later. We should all be discipled and then go on to continue making disciples, who make disciples…who make disciples.

I knew that discipling others was what the Lord commanded in Matthew 28:19 and through so many other texts of the Bible, Adrianne said. I knew it was what He taught, so I chose to trust and obey. The Lord was leading me, fulfilling a promise, and calling me to deeper waters if I would only take His hand and follow His lead. So after being discipled, I began to disciple others.

It is an easy mistake to think that the person being discipled is the only one who will grow through the discipleship process. In reality, discipling others actually helps renew your focus and dependence on the Lord, as well.

As you lead others, they challenge you to dig deeper, they hold you accountable, and the Lord speaks to you through them, Adrianne said.

Discipleship looks different for every group. It’s not a one-size-fits-allmentality, so as you continue to disciple others, you will continue learning and digging deeper, never being able to reach the depths of God or His Word.

So often, it seems, I hear of people who are interested in discipleship or who know they’re supposed to be making disciples, but they are intimidated. The truth is that no one is sufficient or worthy to do this, and Satan would like nothing more than to discourage and pull us away from this transformational process, Adrianne confessed. But obedience precedes blessing. discipleship is a privilege, so we all must wholly lean on the Lord to accomplish that which He has called us to–to make disciples.

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