Influencer | Week Four

April 24, 2024

Genesis 37–50

Wrapping up the series of "Influencer", seniors Paul Coleman and Philip Avery highlight how God used Joseph and Peter to share the gospel. As Paul Coleman summarizes Joseph's story in Genesis 37-50, we can see that God had a plan through all the rough days Joseph faced. We learn that God has a plan for us, even a plan for our rough days. God is with us through it all and thankfully, the rough days will not last forever. Walking through Peter's journey with Jesus, Philip Avery highlights that even though Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus still forgave Peter. Peter ran to Jesus and was redeemed from his sin. Just like Peter, we will make mistakes and sin. However, God will forgive us if we run to Him and ask. Are we willing to run to God and answer the call He has for us?