Influencer | Week Two

April 10, 2024

Judges 6; Acts 13:44–49

Continuing the series “Influencer,” sophomores Kade Hill and Branson Tenorio share about what it means to be bold for the Gospel and be victorious over our battles. Teaching out of Judges chapter 6, Kade walks through Gideon’s journey of wrestling with the Lord and learning to obey God in order to influence and inspire the men that were around Gideon. Because Gideon believed and obeyed, God gave Gideon the victory over the Midianities. Branson walks through Paul's journey of being bold for the Lord and using his boldness to influence the situations, lives, and culture around him. Highlighting Acts 13:44-49, we learn how Paul boldly proclaimed the Gospel, despite some people hating him. Are we being bold in our faith?