Millennials Leaving The Church Group Discussion

‘We want to be mentored, not preached at’

A flashy service but not personal relationships seems like just a show. Seems like money is being wasted and is a turn-off.

Missions and values

  • Mission statements are relatively new.
  • Important to keep it simple.
  • Have a mission statement with measurable values, not just for branding.
  • Mission statements define who you are.
  • This was not always a need.

Helping the poor

  • Millennials can see what churches are doing in other communities because of technology.
  • That may lead to thinking the local church is failing when what the other churches are doing may not be realistic in the local community.

Talk to us about controversial issues

  • Controversial issues are discussed in large group settings, but millennials want to discuss these things in small group settings.
  • We can encourage leaders to touch on them in life groups.

‘You can’t sit with us’ effect

  • Need to seem more open and welcoming of all people to overcome perceptions that may be out there about churches.

Distrust and misallocation of resources

  • Millennials don’t trust institutions
  • Need more explanation and transparency and encourage them to understand how this works.
  • Churches can be more open with their facilities and materials to work with others and share what they have.
  • Show that the money spent is not going to waste. Better to wear out the facilities than to let them disintegrate from lack of use.

Tired of you blaming the culture

  • Most churches only talk about how bad the world is, but the change comes when the teaching focuses more on how we are to be different from the culture.


  • Do you think Christians today should apologize for the sins of their forefather?
  • If we are willing to accept the benefits of ancestors who were slaveholders, then we should be willing to accept the guilt that comes with that.
  • Encourage the conversations to happen within the church.
  • Multi-cultural is encouraged, but multi-colored is what is meant.
  • The leadership does not often look like what they are encouraging.
  • Multi-cultural would impact everything from the sermon illustrations, worship styles, etc.