Mom Awards

MOM AWARDS A special mealtime activity showing appreciation and honor to Mom

In advance:

  • Secretly interview your kids to determine award categories: What is your favorite thing to do with mom? What is your favorite thing that mom does for you? What can mom do better than anyone else?
  • Use their answers to determine the award categories: “Best Cookie Chef”, “Best Hugger”, “Prettiest”, etc. Write each category title on the outside of the envelope. Seal a card inside with the winner’s name: MOM
  • Purchase or make simple (yet meaningful) “awards”. Example:
  • Write “Best Mommy in the Universe” on a long piece of crepe paper to use as a sash for Mom to wear like a pageant winner
  • Present her favorite flowers, candy, or bubble bath
  • Decorate a Burger King crown
  • Draw a special award certificate with the kid’s artwork
  • Serve her favorite ice cream or dessert

Keep the award ceremony a surprise! After dinner one evening, announce, “Let the Awards Ceremony begin!” Take turns announcing the awards, “In the category ____________, the winner is . . .” (of course, mom wins every category!). Present her a prize for each category she wins. The “audience” responds with cheering, standing ovations, and thunderous applause. The final award can be her favorite ice cream or dessert to share.


Take time to pray for mom. Invite each person to thank God for His wonderful gift to your family–your mom. dads, you can begin the pray time and set an example: “Lord, thank you for mommy. She is a wonderful gift from You to us. She works so hard for our family and she loves us so much. mommy is a great example of a person who loves you and follows you. Bless her. Help us as a family to honor her everyday. Amen.”

To adapt for older children

Take mom to her favorite restaurant for a family meal. Before dinner, encourage each child to write a special note of blessing. After dinner take turns reading each note at the table. (handwritten notes are best). Topics could include: a lesson mom taught me I will never forget, 25 things I love about mom, My favorite mom-memory, how God has used my mom to bless my life, etc. “Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her– Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise” (Proverbs 31: 28, 31).