My Spiritual Checkup

According to Deuteronomy 6, parents are responsible for their child’s spiritual development. Parents intuitively monitor their child’s grades, friend choices, entertainment, and chore chart but parents must be intentional to monitor their child’s spiritual growth. What action steps can parents take to help their child grow spiritually? Parents and children can utilize this evaluation tool to provide practical next steps.

Spiritual Checkup Instructions:

  1. Ask your child to honestly complete the Spiritual Checkup on the back page.
  2. Ask your child to select the top 3 areas where they would like your encouragement toward future growth.
  3. Many parent-child relationships benefit by taking the evaluations together. When both the parent and the child identify areas of growth, parents can model that spiritual growth is an ongoing journey rather than a reached destination. A parent’s honesty and transparency about their own spiritual journey can enhance the parent-child communication by providing ongoing opportunities for mutual accountability and encouragement.