New Believer Discipleship: Walking with Christ–Together

Have you ever been to a restaurant and observed a waiter or waitress in training? The new employee is always spending his first few days on the job alongside a veteran employee. The seasoned server is able to show the novice his way around the restaurant, how to talk to the guests, what to recommend on the menu, and how to grow to become a successful server. Restauranteurs everywhere have found this to be the most effective way to quickly train a new member of their team.

Why would the church be any different?

When a person comes to Christ, there is much excitement over their decision. There are hugs and tears at the moment of salvation. There is celebration in the baptistry when they make their decision public. There is anticipation for the journey ahead. However, many new believers are left wondering, What now? This is where Bellevues New Believer Discipleship comes in.

Through New Believer Discipleship, any adult who is new to faith in Christ will meet with a fellow believer once a week for six to eight weeks. They will learn how to pray, how to read the Bible, and how to have a closer walk with Jesus.

The purpose of this program is to pair a new believer with someone who is farther along in their walk with Christ. They receive training in a one-on-one format, with someone of the same gender, on how to grow in their faith in a casual setting.

Rod was one of those new believers who needed someone to show him the way. He gave his life to Jesus one year ago and was paired with another guy his age who showed him what a relationship with Christ was like.

It really helped me to have someone who has been a Christian longer than me there as an example, Rod shared. It helped me create a habit of reading my Bible in my free time. Before, my relationship with God was just something that started when I walked into the church and kind of ended when I walked out each Sunday. This really helped me develop a more personal relationship with the Lord.” 

Now, he is helping other new believers find their footing and teaching them how to dig deeper roots in their faith. Through a brief season of discipleship, Rod will teach foundational truths to a new believer, using curriculum Bellevue provides. He has found that this is also a way for people to get involved at church.

Its a lot easier to do this than to face a whole group at church on your own. Through this, you start with personal relationships. Then you feel more comfortable when you go to Life Group, and you have someone you can look for when you go to service, so you aren’t sitting alone. It opens doors for a great life at church.” 

Bill Street, Bellevue’s Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship, shared the heart behind this program.

One of our deepest desires is that anyone who gives their life to Christ can grow in their love for God and in their devotion to Him, Bill said. Just like a personal trainer at a gym would show a person how to use the appropriate workout machines (with the many options available), New Believer Discipleship is designed to guide new believers as they begin their journey to love God, love people, share Jesus, and make disciples.” 

If you are a new believer who is interested in learning more, email Bill. Volunteers just like Rod are eager to help you on this journey.