Bellevue Girls’ Conference 2016 was a wonderful event where over 185 girls and 55 leaders came together to worship God, fellowship, and learn about how to become enthralled with Christ. The participants worshipped together throughout the weekend with Hannah Tetmeyer and a band of 9 girls and women. They also heard from Donna Gaines about the importance of being enthralled with Christ from Colossians 3:4.

Each girl attended four different 30-minute break-out sessions where they learned practical steps to become enthralled with Christ through evangelism, worship, servanthood, Bible intake, and discipleship. The leaders experienced their own break-out Saturday morning led by Leslie Hollowell as she encouraged them through 1 Corinthians 3:6.

Each participant received a listening guide with detailed notes for each session to maximize their learning throughout the weekend. The experience also included a cute t-shirt, polaroid memories at a photo booth, fun giveaways, and yummy snacks and food from Chick-fil-a. We are praising God for a fantastic weekend for our girls and leaders to grow in their walk with the Lord together!

Click here to view event pictures from the 2016 Girls’ Conference!