Orphan Care

Adoption is at the heart of the Gospel message. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ we were adopted as sons and daughters into God’s family. Bellevue believes that adoption and orphan care is a ministry that God-called couples provide the local community as well as communities around the globe.

Over 143 million orphans exist in the world today and in the United States alone there are 520,000 children in foster care of which 120,000 are adoptable. In Tennessee, over 800 kids age-out per year without ever finding their “forever family.” If you walk the hallways of Bellevue, you will see the fruits of families who have chosen to grow their families through adoptive love.


Weigh the practical concerns in your head against the inexplicable tugging of your heart.


To prepare for adoption, you must honestly assess the journey ahead and what it will require.


View a list of resources to help you and your family as you take the next step in your journey of adoption.


The Bellevue Baptist Church Foundation Adoption Assistance Program provides fundraising support to approved couples.