Prayer Guide

March 3, 2024

Timothy Keller, in his marvelous book Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God, has a section he entitled “Having a Heart To Pray.” Keller states:

When David the king was at the height of his power, he decided to build a temple for God. God sent him a message through the prophet Nathan that he should not build the temple, but then he made David a promise: “The Lord himself will establish a house for you. … I will raise up your offspring to succeed you. … He is the one who will build a house for my Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever” 
(2 Samuel 7:11–13). David wanted to build God a house, but God said, “No, I will build you a house.” It’s a play on words, and a powerful one. David wanted to build God a place that displayed his glory. God said, in effect, that he had a counterproposal. He would establish David’s royal family line and it would ultimately reveal God’s glory in a more permanent, far-reaching, and universal way. In response to this gracious promise, David says: “Lord Almighty, God of Israel, you have revealed this to your servant, saying, ‘I will build a house for you.’ So your servant has found courage to pray this prayer to you” (2 Samuel 7:27). This reveals the inner dynamic of how prayer works. In the New International Version translation of verse 27, David’s words are rendered that he had received the “courage to pray.” The Hebrew text, however, literally says that God’s Word enabled David to “find the heart [Hebrew leb] to pray this prayer to you.” The Word of God created within David the desire, drive, and strength to pray. The principle: God speaks to us in his Word, and we respond in prayer, entering into the divine conversation, into communion with God.
It was an audacious thing to hear and believe that God would establish an eternal lineage for a man. However, that is what God had promised. (emphasis added)

It is a daring thought to believe that kneeling before God, whether in a prayer room at church or in a room in your house, will cause God to act in the lives of people you don’t know and in situations you are only somewhat familiar with. But be like David—Find the heart, the courage, to pray.

EASTER (our day!) is the last Sunday of this month!

Pray for Bro. Steve

Pray for God’s healing
  • “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for You are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14
  • “I will extol You, O Lord, for You have lifted me up, and have not let my enemies rejoice over me. O Lord my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me.” Psalm 30:1–2

Pray that we will experience a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit this Easter (if not before!)

Pray for a burning heart from hearing Jesus speak.
  • “And He said to them, ‘O foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and to enter into His glory?’ Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures. And they approached the village where they were going, and He acted as though He were going farther. But they urged Him, saying, ‘Stay with us, for it is getting toward evening, and the day is now nearly over.’ So He went in to stay with them. When He had reclined at the table with them, He took the bread and blessed it, and breaking it, He began giving it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight. They said to one another, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?’ And they got up that very hour and returned to Jerusalem, and found gathered together the eleven and those who were with them, saying, ‘The Lord has really risen and has appeared to Simon.’” Luke 24:25–34
Pray for power to testify of the reality of the resurrected Lord.
  • “But Peter said, ‘I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene—walk!’ And seizing him by the right hand, he raised him up; and immediately his feet and his ankles were strengthened.” Acts 3:6–7
  • “And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all.” Acts 4:33
Pray for Christians to walk in newness of life.
  • “Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.” Romans 6:4
  • “Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts, and do not go on presenting the members of your body to sin as instruments of unrighteousness; but present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” Romans 6:12–14

Pray for the Invite Our Neighbor visits

Paul spoke of ministering “from house to house” (Acts 20:20). Jesus commanded us to “Go out into the highways and along the hedges, and compel them to come in” (Luke 14:23). In other words, evangelism is not waiting for people to come to us, but rather going to them.

Yes, I know many will not answer the door. But some do! And many of those rejoice that we are going out to knock on doors or they hear about Jesus and Bellevue with an open heart.

Yes, I know some people reject us. However, in reality they are rejecting Jesus.

In conclusion, the following words from the book of Acts are words I don’t think I have ever been in the position to pray, “So they went on their way from the presence of the Council, rejoicing that they had been considered worthy to suffer shame for His name” (Acts 5:41). A little rejection, perhaps a snide remark or a sneer, may be as close to persecution as many of us have experienced.

  • Pray many Life Groups and families will embrace the opportunity to go out and share Jesus.
  • Pray God gives us GREAT weather!
  • Pray that even now God will prepare people’s hearts to hear and receive the Gospel.
  • Pray that God will revive His people. “Will You not Yourself revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?” (Psalm 85:6)
  • Pray that we will walk in both fear of God and faith that God will respond to believing prayer. “LORD, I have heard the report about You and I fear. O LORD, revive Your work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make it known; in wrath remember mercy” (Habakkuk 3:2).
  • Pray that God will both revive present leaders and raise up new spiritual leaders, men and women who know that the living God is the only answer. “Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand, upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself. Then we shall not turn back from You; revive us, and we will call upon Your name. O LORD God of hosts, restore us; cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved” (Psalm 80:17–19).

Pray for the Living Last Supper (Wednesday, March 27)

  • Pray for Children’s Ministry as they prepare for and present the Living Last Supper.
  • Pray that as parents and children see a live drama about Jesus’ life leading up to the cross, they will discover or be reminded of the gift of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Pray for Bellevue’s Easter services

  • Pray for God to bless the promotion of our Easter services, that people may be drawn to Jesus.
  • Pray for believers to joyfully invite people to church.
  • Pray for Bro. Steve and those leading worship to be empowered to speak and sing with spiritual wisdom and power.
  • Pray for many to receive salvation, rededicate their lives, and connect with the Body of Christ.
  • Pray for Easter to be the time when those who have wandered from intimacy with Christ and His Church come home.

Pray for Memphis

Rather than simply reading the words of Bro. Steve’s “Prayer for Memphis,” please take time to verbally pray for our city, using this prayer as a guide:

Heavenly Father, thank You for Memphis. Thank You for strategically locating our city in the middle of this nation so we can be a catalyst for revival and spiritual awakening. Please pour out Your Spirit on Memphis, Shelby County, the Mid-South, and beyond. Help every Christian and every Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, Gospel-preaching church to love God, love people, share Jesus, and make disciples. Demolish every demonic stronghold of pride, violence, racism, poverty, crime, sexual immorality, drug abuse, sickness, religious formalism, fanaticism, legalism, liberalism, and traditionalism. Replace those with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, blessing, mercy, grace, hope, healing, liberty, and freedom. Destroy the stronghold of religion in Memphis that has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof. Give us churches that believe in the Bible and preach salvation only in Jesus Christ. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in Memphis on Earth as it is in Heaven. Bring pastors, lay leaders, and congregations together as we pray for this city. Bless our governmental leaders, schools, and economy. Please send good jobs to Memphis. Keep casinos, strip clubs, and occult activity out of Memphis. Do a work of revival in Memphis that can only be explained by Your presence and power, and do it all for Your glory. Call Your people to fervent, united, visible, extraordinary prayer. May the latter glory of Your Kingdom in Memphis be greater than the former, and please grant Memphis Your peace. Do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that we can ask or think. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Pray for government officials

We have been commanded to pray “for kings and all who are in authority” (1 Timothy 2:2).

President of the United States:
Joe Biden

Vice President of the United States:
Kamala Harris

Supreme Court Justices:
John G. Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States
Clarence Thomas
Samuel A. Alito
Sonia Sotomayer
Elena Kagan
Neil M. Gorsuch
Brett M. Kavanaugh
Amy Coney Barrett
Ketanji Brown Jackson

Governor of Tennessee:
Bill Lee

Tennessee Senators:
Marsha Blackburn
Bill Hagerty

West Tennessee Congressmen:
Steve Cohen
David Kustoff

Memphis/Shelby County Elected Officials


Mayor: City Court Clerk:
Paul Young Myron Lowery
Director of Police: Shelby County Mayor:
Cerelyn “CJ” Davis Lee Harris
Director of Fire Services: Shelby County Sheriff:
Gina Y. Sweat Floyd Bonner Jr.

City Council:

Super District 8-3: Super District 7:
Martavius Jones, Chairman Michalyn Easter-Thomas
District 1: Super District 8-1:
Rhonda Logan JB Smiley Jr., Vice Chair
District 2: Super District 8-2
Frank Colvett Jr. Cheyenne Johnson
District 3: Super District 9-1:
Patrice J. Robinson Chase Carlisle
District 4: Super District 9-2:
Jamita Swearengen-Washington J. Ford Canale
District 5: Super District 9-3:
Worth Morgan Dr. Jeff Warre
District 6:
Edmund Ford Sr.

Shelby County Commissioners:

District 8: District 6:
Mickell M. Lowery, Chairman Charles Caswell Jr.
District 11: District 7:
Miska Clay-Bibbs, Pro Tempore Henri E. Brooks
District 1: District 9:
Amber Mills Edmund Ford Jr.
District 2: District 10:
David C. Bradford Britney Thornton
District 3: District 12:
Mick Wright Erika Sugarmon
District 4: District 13:
Brandon Morrison Michael Whaley
District 5:
Shante Avant

Day of Prayer and Fasting

As a church family, we set aside the third day of every month to be a day of prayer and fasting. Commit to pray and fast with us on February 3.

March Prayer Needs

Pray for Memphis

March 3

We will come together to pray for our city and our Gospel partners. Pray that our hearts will be truly Spirit-filled and focused on the work that the Lord has done and will continue to do in our city.

Explore 101

March 3

Explore 101 is an opportunity for guests and prospective members to see the heart of our church. Pray that all guests will feel welcome and that the Lord will place them at our church at the right time.

Missions Project: Kenya

East Africa Project | March 7–16

Through several ministry opportunities, our team will share the Gospel and make disciples. As they go out into the community, pray the team will be reminded that the Lord goes before and behind them.

Missions Project: Lima, Peru

March 9–16

High School Ministry will reach kids through Vacation Bible School, sports, and worship. Pray that hearts will be open to receive salvation and the team will focus on making Jesus’ name known.

Invite our Neighbors

March 24

Bellevue members will go into the neighborhood, knock on doors, invite people to our Easter services, and share the Gospel. Pray that the Lord will move in hearts and that each interaction will be intentional.

Palm Sunday

March 24

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. Pray that this Sunday will be a time of reverence and humility. Pray also for the triumphal entry experience for kids, where biblical truth will come to life. 

Living Last Supper

March 27

Parents and children will experience a live drama about Jesus’ life leading up to the cross. Pray that through this experience, people will discover or be reminded of the gift of Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

Focused Prayer: Easter Weekend Services

March 30 & 31

As we look ahead to Easter, there is a lot to prepare and pray for. Pray that amongst the celebration, we will make room for reverence and reflection. Pray that the teaching will fall on open hearts and listening ears. Pray for all the guests who will walk through our doors and for those who will hear this message for the first time, that they will fully grasp what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ means and how it can change their lives. Pray for those who have heard this message many times, that they will be reminded of the gravity of Jesus’ sacrifice and of the hope and freedom they can live in every day because of Him.

Pray for Our Pastor

Our prayers for Bro. Steve continue in the same theme—praying for his healing.

Jesus says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). Let’s take His promises seriously and continue to pray!

Pray God will continue to heal Bro. Steve of cancer.

“I will not die, but live, and tell of the works of the Lord. The Lord has disciplined me severely, but He has not given me over to death.”
Psalm 118:17–18

Pray God will heal Bro. Steve’s myasthenia gravis. Pray that Bro Steve’s double vision will go away and that his neck muscles will regain strength.

“Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for You are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

Pray God will continue to speak words of life, peace, hope, and joy to Bro. Steve’s heart and spirit.

“Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23–24 NKJV


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