Raise Up and Send Out

Bellevue’s overall vision, to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond, is put into action in many ways through various ministries. Our Ministerial Assistants (MAs) play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operation of each ministry as they help fulfill Bellevues mission and vision. Three MAs share words of encouragement to the new faces joining the team this weekend.

Jeremy Barber, a previous MA who now works full-time on Bellevues Media team, shared, The opportunities to demonstrate leadership truly blessed me as I grew both professionally and spiritually, but even more so, the mentorship on how to be a leader allowed and prepared me to step into those opportunities.

Cameron Hayner, current MA in Adult Ministry, shares, Being at Bellevue, I have seen significant growth in my daily disciplines. Bro. Steve speaks with conviction about Bible reading and Scripture memory, and I have read more consistently and memorized more Scripture in the last year than ever before. Cameron encourages incoming MAs, When I began as an MA, Cory O’Hara, the Middle School Pastor, gave me this advice, and it rings true: if you’re here to simply have fun, you will, but you will miss out on growth opportunities. However, if you go all in, serving with conviction, seeking opportunities to learn from others, and spending time with the Lord daily, then you will leave here having taken everything the Lord had for you at Bellevue.

Tina Che, current MA in Media, shares, The Lord used the MA program at Bellevue to bring new friendships into my life that I cherish deeply. I love that I am being discipled daily by simply working alongside my coworkers. Each one has such a flourishing relationship with Jesus, and standard office chatter can quickly become an opportunity to hear from the Lord.Tina encourages incoming MAs, The Lord has equipped you with unique talents and skills that should not be hidden. If you see an area in which you want to grow or you have a gift, find out how you can serve or lead in that area–even if it’s outside of your department!” 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to invest professionally and spiritually into the lives of these incredible young people. This programs mission is to raise up and send out trained leaders to serve the local church wherever the Lord leads. Join us in praying for the MAs as they serve our church and members.