This Present Kingdom

One day, when Jesus returns, His Kingdom will be clear to all. What we know by faith, will be made sight. But in the meantime, we do not have to wait for the future to arrive. We can live the way of the Kingdom now. This is the life that Jesus lived, the one He taught in the Sermon on the Mount. The life He wants us to live. This Present Kingdom: The Disruptive Message of the Sermon on the Mount is an eleven-week study through Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5-7 that help you discover a life where your every day is enmeshed with God’s activity and under His rule. God’s perfect Kingdom is coming, but His Present Kingdom is here. And within our reach.

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This 11-week encounter with the most famous sermon ever preached will challenge you to live a life like Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount—a life in This Present Kingdom.

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