Serve In

Loving People displays itself through service, and service helps us accomplish our Mission at Bellevue. As we Serve In, we help meet the needs within the church and minister to those who come to us. Use your unique gifts and talents to Serve In right here at Bellevue.

Serve In Opportunities

Get personalized help in finding your ideal role.

Interested in Serve In opportunities but don’t know where to start? You’re at the right place! Let’s identify your gifts and interests, so you can begin Serving at Bellevue.

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Bus Drivers (CDL Licensed)

Our Bellevue family is always traveling somewhere. Whether a group of senior adults is going to a fellowship, students are serving in Shelby County, or a missions group is serving in another part of the country, we stay on the move. Volunteer bus drivers are needed, offering the flexibility to drive when it is convenient for you. If you have a valid CDL license and would like to volunteer, contact Cheryl Baker at 901-347-5556 or

Spiritual Gifts and Personality

God has given every believer a specific set of gifting to use for His glory. Use your unique gifts and talents to “serve in” right here at Bellevue.

Volunteer Forms

All volunteers are required to complete a Confidential Volunteer Application.

Application for Adults

Click to open form, or download the PDF.

Student Volunteer Application

Click to download the PDF

Life Groups

Tim Shelton | 901-347-5740

Life Group Leader

Support the ministry of the Life Group.

Marriage Mentor

A variety of opportunities available to mentor younger couples.

Life Group Teachers

Lead new Life Groups at 8:00, 9:20, and 11:00 a.m.

Bellevue Women

Dayna Street | 901-347-5730
English as a Second Language Teacher

Teach conversational English to adult internationals using the Bible and ESL materials.

Biblical Counseling

Jamie Fish | 901-347-5830

Biblical Counseling

Care Group Helper
Help facilitate ministry through Care Groups.

Jamie Fish | (901) 347-5830


Rick Jones | 901-347-5670


Run cash register, stock and organize merchandise, and assist customers including processing phone and special orders.

Rick Jones | (901) 347-5670

Campus Security
Cheryl Baker | 901-347-5556
Campus Security

Patrol facilities during Worship Services and special events.


Ken Hindman | (901) 347-5510


Life Group Teacher/Helper (1st–3rd Grades)
Lead or assist with a bible lesson and corresponding activities.

KidVue Worship Table Leader
Supervise a table with 8–10 Pre-K–3rd Grade students. No preparation required.

Automated Check-in Assistant
Assist parents using touch-screen monitors to check in their children ages birth-5th grades.


Life Group Teacher/Helper
Share God’s love and truth with preschoolers each Sunday at 8:00, 9:00, or 11:00 a.m.

Preschool Volunteer
Share God’s love with preschoolers at least once a month during the 9:20 or 11:00 a.m. Worship Services.

Automated Check-in Assistant
Assist parents using touch-screen monitors to check-in their children.

Register new families in the kiosk, greet families as they drop off and pick up babies, help balance rooms with volunteers, work in a classroom if needed, stroll crying babies, contact parents for a child as the need arises, and encourage all workers.


Nathan Stanfield | 901-347-5749


Manage the parking lots and traffic flow around campus.

Guest Parking

Greet first-time guests in the parking lots and escort them to the closest Welcome Center.

Valet Parking

Assist senior adults and single parents with small children by parking and retrieving their vehicles. (must be at least 21 years old)

Door Greeter

Provide a friendly greeting to members and guests as they enter the church doors.

Welcome Center

Welcome those who need help finding their desired destination.

Connect Central

Assist members and guests in getting more connected to Bellevue by gathering their information so ministers can follow up with them

Worship Center Greeter

Greet those who enter the Worship Center and hand out Bellevue Today.


Maintain contact with formerly active members who are no longer able to participate in church activities

Ron Jerkins | (901) 347-5680


Debbie Campbell | 901- 347-5441


Greet guests at special events with a warm smile, answer general questions, give directions, etc.

Information Center

Serve once a month at the Information Center to assist in answering general questions, registering for various events, giving directions, and locating Life Groups.


Assist in decorating the church for special events and holidays.

MEDIA | Creative production

Melissa Gray | 901-347-5875

Photographer | Videographer

Serve as a photojournalist or videographer for church events.


Larry Anderson | 901-347-5873

Camera Operator

Serve by operating cameras for Worship Services and special events.


Lead the congregation with lyrics for all songs in service and support the sermon with Scripture and sermon-point playback.


Guide vocalists during musical portions of the service.

Audio Assistant

Assist the audio engineer in multi-track, radio broadcast, and mixing.

Media | Tech

Tony Morris | 901-347-5870

Audio Production

Operate sound board and serve as Production Assistant.


Operate lighting board, follow spots for special events, design and set up lighting, and serve as Production Assistant.

Set Construction

Construct sets, scenery pieces, and backdrops used for musical productions and special events.

Set Construction Painter

Paint backdrops and scenery pieces used for musical productions and special events.

Major Event Setup

Set up the Singing Christmas Tree, CampOutrageous, concerts, and other major events.


Mitsie Witherspoon | 901- 347-5272

Online Responding Team

During live stream Worship Services, chat with online members and guests.  With a few clicks of your keyboard, you can deliver Intentional Hospitality to individuals and families as near as Cordova and Memphis and as far as India and Kenya. This team serves on-campus and offsite.

Website Team

Help keep Bellevue’s website up-to-date with the latest information utilizing the latest design trends.

Social Media

Help engage followers on Bellevue’s social media channels using social media monitoring tools as well as photography.


Mark Blair | 901- 347-5700

Bellevue Choir Member (18 years and older)

Support 9:20 a.m. Worship Service choir for Sundays, special productions, and events.

Bellevue Orchestra Member (7th grade and older)

Play during the 9:20 a.m. Worship Service, special productions, and events.

K-WOW (Kids Worship On Wednesday) (4 years old–3rd grade)

Develop God’s story and song in the life of a child. A wide variety of gifts and abilities are needed. Music understanding is not a requirement but loving children is.

Paula Greene | (901) 347-5700

Productions: Costuming, Seamstresses, and Makeup

Provide costuming assistants for Bellevue’s productions.

Productions: Sets and Props Construction

Assist in building and constructing sets and props.

Student Choir Member (6th grade–College)

Be part of the Singing Christmas Tree and exciting summer missions projects.

Contemporary Worship Volunteer

Talented musicians and vocalists are needed who are interested in leading worship in various capacities.

Steve Wiggins | (901) 347-5700

Next Gen

Contact | (901) 347-5690

Next Gen Greeter

Greet, welcome, and assist students and parents.

Life Group Leader

Teach students God’s Word at 8:00, 9:20, or 11:00 a.m.

Hour Leader

Assist the leader by substitute teaching, helping with attendance, and offering additional support.

Wednesday Night Monitor

Help monitor the halls on Wednesday nights.


Bill Street | 901- 347-5680

Prayer Team

Commit to pray once a week for 30 minutes in our Prayer Room or at home.


Katie Moser | 901-347-5281

Head Coach, Youth Sports

Teach sport-specific skills while demonstrating a Christ-like attitude. Share devotions and present the Gospel to your team and their families.

Assistant Coach, Youth Sports

Support and assist the coach in practices and games.

Connector, Adult Sports

Be intentional with non-member participants by sharing devotions, building relationships, and living out their faith.


Cindi Bueno | 901-347-5222

Auto Mechanic

Maintain and repair Bellevue’s vehicles.

Car Care

Provide basic car maintenance to single mothers, widows, and wives of active duty military servicemen. 

Driver (Local & OTR)

Must have a CDL or be able to obtain one.

Off-campus Transportation for Bellevue Woods Residents

Provide bus transportation Sundays and Wednesdays for worship, as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings for shopping.

Small Engine Mechanic

Repair landscape equipment.

Young Adults

Tanya Franks | 901- 347-5780

Andrew Cross | 901- 347-5780

Life Group/Home Group Leader

Our teachers lead our Life Groups weekly to become vibrant Christian communities centered on God’s word. If you’re interested in helping young adults live for Christ as a teacher in our ministry, please contact us.

Disciple-making Group Leader

We are looking for Disciple-makers to meet weekly with young adult believers to discuss God’s Word, memorize verses, and read through spiritual growth books. Guys and girls group leaders needed.


Do you remember the first time you visited a church? It can be a lonely and intimidating experience. Our desire is for our guests to experience the love of Christ from the moment they drive on campus. We want our them to leave knowing they are cared about. If you would like to be a part of this front door ministry, please let us know.

Events Team

Community with other believers is essential to a vibrant walk with Christ. Throughout the year, we have events to help young adults in the Memphis area connect with our ministry. We are looking for people who aren’t afraid to put in the effort to ensure our events are well-planned and well-ran. Please shoot us an email if you’re interested in helping out on the events team.

Contact us

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