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Loving People displays itself through service, and service helps us accomplish our Mission at Bellevue. As we serve, we help meet the needs within the church and minister to those who come to us. Use your unique gifts and talents to serve right here at Bellevue.

Children and Student Ministry: Volunteers Needed

Has the Lord laid the next generation on your heart? If you're passionate about raising up a generation of children and students who know and follow Jesus, we need you! If you have a willing heart and a desire to serve, Bellevue can provide all the tools you need to serve with any age group. Together, let's invest in the next generation who will tell the world about Jesus. Learn more about how you can begin serving with children or students today!

Confidential Volunteer Application and background check are required.

Car Care

Provide car maintenance to single mothers, widows, and wives of active duty military servicemen.

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Worship Center Greeter

Welcome Center Greeters will welcome our guests and members in each of Bellevue's Lobbies.

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Door Greeter

Provide a friendly greeting to members and guests as they enter the church doors.

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Spiritual Gifts and Personality

God has given every believer specific gifts to use for His glory. Use your unique gifts and talents to Serve In right here at Bellevue.

Volunteer Forms

All volunteers are required to complete a Confidential Volunteer Application.

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We'd love to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you’d like to speak with someone over the phone, tap (901) 347-2000 to call. You can also fill out our general contact form by clicking the button.