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Registration: New Students

New students must first speak to the school staff who will then refer them to a teacher. Once they have set up a lesson time with that teacher they will then return to this website to register. Tuition and fees are due at time of registration. 

Registration: Returning Students

As long as you and your teacher have coordinated your lesson time and duration, you are welcome to register by clicking “register now” on the SPA homepage. 

Tuition Payment Plan

The SPA prefers all tuition to be paid in full at time of registration. However, students have the option of a payment plan, with an initial deposit due at registration, and the remainder paid in equal amounts each month of the semester. If a student withdraws from SPA or misses lessons, the remaining payments are still owed. 

A service charge of $14 will be added for utilizing an installment plan. 

For detailed Payment Plan information, click HERE


Multi-Lesson Plan: Any family with more than one student registering, or one student registering for multiple lessons may receive a tuition discount starting with the second lesson (Excludes fees; lower priced lessons will be given the discount). To receive this discount, you will need a “coupon code” which you can receive by calling Darla at 901-347-5711.

    Missed Lessons

    Missed Lessons: Teachers are not required to make up lessons missed by students. Lessons will NOT be rolled over to the next semester for student absences. Lessons cancelled due to missed installment payments will NOT be made up. Tuition will not be refunded for the student’s absences. These policies are in place to protect the teacher’s time. The SPA pays teachers for the time they set aside for us, whether that time is spent teaching a lesson, or sitting in their room without a student to teach. This is one of the reasons the SPA is able to attract and keep top caliber teachers. Teachers will make up all lessons they miss before the beginning of the next term.

    Teachers will make up all lessons they miss before the beginning of the next term unless extenuating circumstances occur.

    In the event of inclement weather, the SPA follows the policies of the church. If the church is closed, the SPA is also closed. This will not necessarily follow the school systems. Look at for updates. You will see an announcement on the main page. An email will be sent out to all students if the SPA decides to close. If weather conditions improve during the day, and the church opens late, teachers may contact students and teach. Lessons missed for weather conditions (in event that the CHURCH is closed only) will be made up. If you decide to miss a lesson but the church is still open, the teacher is not obligated to make up that lesson.

    The SPA will follow the church office schedule for holidays. If the church is closed for a holiday, then the SPA is closed. If the church is open on a holiday then the SPA will stay open.

    New string Parents information

    Click here for more information about your child’s first year at SPA and the Suzuki Program.