The Love Journal

Consider this simple and creative idea with BIG impact for expressing ongoing love for your spouse.

Things you’ll need:

  • A scheduled date night or a planned evening at home
  • A journal, note card box, notebook, etc. purchase together or give as a gift

Faith Talk:
Too often the busyness of life distracts us from building and strengthening relationships. Your marriage is an important investment and requires regular, positive investments for future dividends.

The Love Journal is a creative and simple way to share your love and appreciation for your spouse. By putting your feelings into writing, you are able to organize your thoughts. Additionally, these positive words can be read, reread, and treasured for years to come. This journal can be passed to the next generation as a legacy of love.

You share the Love Journal with your spouse as you write entries back and forth. Discuss where your journal will be kept. Choose a visible location (bedside table, kitchen counter, etc.) that is available to both spouses. This idea is perfect for a couple with busy schedules but want to encourage one another through words of affirmation.

Periodically add a loving journal entry recording your thoughts and feelings toward your mate. You may choose to randomly add a note, record an entry for a special occasion, or choose a weekly pattern. If your journal is a gift, record your first entry as an example. Ideas for journal entries are listed below. Enjoy!

Note Suggestions:

  • I appreciate you–Share the gratitude you feel for how he/she serves and sacrifices for you and/or your family. Include a specific and recent example.
  • I admire you–Let your spouse know the qualities that you respect in him/her (character, persistence, patience, grace, strength). Admiration is an invaluable love gift.
  • I affirm you–Share a recent example of when he/she responded well to a difficult circumstance or situation. Encourage your spouse’s faithfulness to you.
  • My prayer for you–Write a prayer request for your spouse. Commit to pray for a specific concern or upcoming decision that your spouse is facing.
  • My scripture prayer for you–Write a scripture that you are praying and claiming for your spouse.
  • Just because–Write a random “I want you to know how much I love you” note. It’s not important how long the note is but how heart-felt and sincere. Celebrate each other “just because”.
  • I remember–Thank your spouse for a compliment or gift that you received from him/her in times past but still remember with fondness. Thoughtfulness is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Special occasion–Record a love note for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday to mark the special celebration.

Add a journal entry reminder to your calendar once a week. Too often, the important people in your life get overshadowed by busyness.