The Power of Sharing

Galatians 6:9  

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”

Over the past 12 weeks, our Sunday Worship Services have been online, our Life Groups have met virtually on Zoom, and life in general has become primarily digital. Twelve weeks is all it took to quickly change our normal into something entirely new, and with that newness, Bellevue’s College Ministry, The Vue, began praying.

“Knowing COVID-19 was no surprise to God, we began asking Him to use our livestream to further the Kingdom,” said Jacob Simmons, College Ministry Director. “We prayed individually and as a team that the Lord would bring more people to Himself because of this unique, new way of sharing the Gospel.”

Throughout the next 12 weeks, God used The Vue’s livestream to grow, challenge, and encourage believers. And then, on Monday, May 18, God used the livestream in a new and exciting way. “Early Tuesday morning, I noticed someone sent us a direct message on Instagram,” said Dakota Tucker, College Ministry Ministerial Assistant. “The message explained that a girl named Carissa, who had never heard of The Vue, watched our livestream the night before because one of her friends had shared the link on social media. And through that share, she had given her life to Christ!”  

Because this team had been praying for God to use the livestream, they immediately knew Carissa’s salvation was an answered prayer!

It reminded The Vue team, and it can remind us, there is power in sharing. Whether you share the Gospel, share what God has done in your life, or share the link to a livestream, God can and will use it all–even online ministry–for His glory.

“Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, God has shown He is not limited in power or abilities,” said Daniel Harris, College Ministry Pastor. “During this time, the Lord has trained and equipped many of our college students while also bringing life and sparking discipleship among others. As we continue to connect online and when we begin to meet in person again, I know He will continue to do the same again and again.”  

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