The Small Moments

It’s easy to remember the big moments that take place in a church: the salvations, baptisms, miraculous answers to prayer. Yet, hidden in between those notable life changes are thousands of smaller moments.

We see in the Bible that small doesn’t mean insignificant. In Mark 12:4144, the poor widow’s offering of two small coins, worth only a few cents, reminds us that quantity is not what drives value. This small act of obedience was more significant to Jesus than the large amounts of money given by the rich.

The same is true for small moments in the church. We love witnessing salvations, baptisms, and answers to life-changing prayers. Yes! But, the small moments–the moments of conviction, growing in biblical truth, and steadily increasing our faith–are just as valuable. It’s these small moments that lead us to live out small acts of obedience that ultimately create a life of obedience over time.

In the mundane–in the slow, daily pursuit of living for the Lord and discipling your children, grandchildren, and others–faith is passed down from one generation to the next. Bit by bit, a place that was at once just a room becomes so much more.

As we come together as a church each week, it’s in this Worship Center where, song after song, we learn what it means to praise God. It’s here where, sermon after sermon, we discover more of who God is through His Word. And it’s here where, moment after moment, we come to look more like Christ.

That is why we are investing in this place. We believe there are countless, meaningful moments to come in our Worship Center, and we want to faithfully prepare for those moments.

So, will you join us? Will you help us give the gift of moments–both big and small–to all who will come into this place for years to come?

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